Cailan: Lvl 2 Paladin

As previously mentioned the weekly DnD group have been playing in the Skyfire world, created by our regular GM, Ben. This has been a bit of a change of direction compared to our usual sessions as Ben brought over a large table mat on which to draw out dungeon maps to easily track our progression... Continue Reading →

Oathsworn – Witch Hunter

Also this week I managed to finish off my Witch Hunter model from Oathsworn. I initially picked up this model with minimal expectations, purely because I enjoy anthropomorphic animals and wanted to still indulge this enjoyment without having to resort to drawing my anthropomorphic characters - something that I have always used DeviantArt for. What... Continue Reading →

A heap of WIP

I've been working on several models at once lately, not sure why, but it happens some times I suppose! I wanted to share them as they currently are - there is something honest about sharing things are they are progressing as opposed to only sharing the finished results. These are the models that have been... Continue Reading →

Oathsworn Hound – WIP

I treated myself to a different sort of miniature recently - I felt myself missing the anthropomorphic call but I don't feel ready to launch myself into drawing fully yet - so I asked the world of Twitter to recommend some animal-based miniatures. They didn't disappoint and I was pointed in the direction of Oathsworn... Continue Reading →

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