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Category: Blood Guard

The final few

I bit the bullet today and brought the last two pieces for my Battle Company. I know I said I wasn’t going too, but I thought, ‘You know what, it’d […]

Vanguard Vets

Well, since my last update thing have been powering ahead and I have managed to get a step closer to my Space Marine chapter being completed. I am in the […]

We kill everything.

Been a very long time since I did anything hobby related on the blog, not sure what inspired it recently either. I would like to say that it was inspired […]

Because this place is partially a sketch blog as well as my thoughts on various peices of rubish… I sometimes can feel a bit bad when I go off ona […]

It’s a little bit funny..

The things that I will do for the laughs. I was speaking with a friend over MSN earlier about how I thought about making a facebook profile for my Chaplain. […]

Not that I am obsessed…

With chaplains, but I am. I really should draw the Blood Guard Chaplain with his helmet on for once… but we actually find Helmets over rated!! Trying to get some […]