Another one crossed off the Lizardmen to-do list - it's always satisfying to get a larger model finished. I've had the base lizard of this done for a good few years but was always a bit intimidated by the Solar Engine on the back - it was a needless intimidation because it was actually pretty... Continue Reading →

Lizardmen: Skink Wizard

Work has been going on with the Lizardmen. My previous post about them really inspired me to keep pushing on with them - as there's so little left of them to do. This one was relatively quick to finish off as most of the base colours had been put down on him already. The blending... Continue Reading →

Awesome August: Azazels Community Challenge

Taking motivation from both posts by Azazels bitz box and conversations with Eloths Endeavours I decided to take part in one of Azazels community challenges; this time trying to get the model done and finished on time! The biggest challenge with this model was having to start the majority of it over again - I'd... Continue Reading →

A rare hobby update!

Since cranking out the commissions it feels like I've not actually updated with anything hobby related in a while. I've picked up my Lizardmen Army again lately, this was mostly due to Azazel's Bitz Box Neglected Model challenge from June earlier this year and typical slow-coach that I am, I'm only just getting round to... Continue Reading →

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