Oh Deer

I've always liked these models. I'd been contemplating getting some just for the heck of it since they first came out; but could never quite justify it. So, when Cities of Sigmar was released I finally ran out of excuses and had to get some for the army! I had a clear idea of how... Continue Reading →

Cities of Sigmar – Update 2

I've made some very small steps of progress with my Cities of Sigmar army - it took me a while to sort out a paint scheme for them. Everything I touched upon ended up not looking how I imagined or too close to an 'official' paint scheme from both the Oldhammer 'verse or from one... Continue Reading →

Path to Glory – Battle one

Lord Commander Eloth and I have started a small Path to Glory campaign. My Cities of Sigmar vs his Khorne Bloodbound. I'm using it as a means to understand both Age of Sigmar and Cities while growing my army. I am guessing Eloth is using it as a means to get his butt-kicked, but I'm... Continue Reading →

Cities of Sigmar – Update 1

Hobby progress is on a bit of a go-slow at the moment so I've not much to share other than the sticking and spraying of a couple of units for my Cities of Sigmar army. Above is my Freeguild General, I brought him when Cities of Sigmar was announced; a week before the models went... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday: From the Cities

Not an art related WIP update this week, but a hobby one! Cities of Sigmar came at me this Saturday; so the lizards are being put to the side - not as finished as I would have wanted but they aren't going anywhere - and the new army has been started; it's not much but... Continue Reading →

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