Guest Post – Favourites on the Children’s Channel: The Crimebusters of the Sea I

A Guest Post by The Psychedelic Scrapbookin’ Bubblegum Mama

Sharky & George (Sharky et Georges in French)


Broadcast every morning at 7am on the Childrens Channel, this became a firm childhood favourite. This was the reason to wake up in the morning, and then wait patiently until the school day was over to watch it over teatime with the family. I missed it when it took breaks in between airings.

This show, originally French but broadcast in Canada and many European countries, followed the adventures of two detectives, a pink fat shark with a big round nose and his associate, a small blue and yellow fish-maybe a tropical fish, similar to Flounder? This show wasn’t always entirely accurate in its depiction of fish, but I loved that pink fat shark either way – and still do. His antics and his short temper at times made him all the more lovable. ❤  Each episode was them fighting crime in the underwater city of Seacago, where they would be hot on the ‘tails’ of villains such as the 3 thugs (one being a piranha, the other being eel-oid and the third unidentified); a dictator lobster who spoke with a German accent (yes really); or trying to stop evil mad scientist Dr Jelly, who was obsessed with taking over the [underwater] world. In between they would enjoy trips to the circus or Submarinia, which had a whole Arabian nights theme, complete with sultan, Princess and evil adviser.

Like I said, this became a firm favourite for me and my brother, but unfortunately the number of people who knew about it at school was in the minority, with only my brother’s BFF and one of my friends from the class below me. I believe the reason was that it wasn’t perhaps so well known here as in Canada or other European countries, and the fact that at that time it could only be viewed on the children’s channel (a cable channel) which not everyone was in possession of. Later, it was moved to channel 4. I remember when I showed my classmates pictures of it, we had this whole argument over whether Dr Jelly was a Jellyfish or an octopus- my mum, brother and friend a few classes below being the only ones who knew he was a jelly fish (how does someone with the name Jelly sound anything other than a jellyfish though?) Something else, fan tributes. Yes, even back then I would make up my own AUs which revolved around my favourite characters, where I would sometimes make my own crossovers, in addition to throwing in a few ocs (though these were never drawn/written down, they were all in my head.) So i would be skipping around the school playground, while my mind worked over time to create stories of Sharky and George being joined by Huey, Louie, Dewey and Webby from Ducktales, plus my own fish oc Max and his sister and younger brother. The very first origins of my fanart, fics and AUs- even though I wasn’t aware of doing them.

The last episode of Sharky & George had them performing a singing number with all the other characters, which made me sad. But then, it is a French cartoon, meaning that not all the episodes were broadcast in the UK because looking at the episode list in French, there were more episodes after that. Not to mention, their adventures carry on in my AU, I’m fact…..the new adventures of Shark and George anyone?


Guest Post: "Mr. Tall Dark and Brooding."

I have once again returned to relate to you of my own fangirliness. I always love guesting on here as it is a far cry from the seriousness of my actual blog and I get to admit/confess to things that I normally keep hidden from the world of the internet! So, here goes:

Roland Deschain – Get your sweet butt over here and start moving it!

That said, there is a lot that is not sweet about said character. In the Dark Tower series which I am currently reading, he acts in ways that are at best questionable and at worst, downright evil. It took me the first two books to work out whether I liked him. I don’t want to give anything away as I know the author of this blog is reading the books, all I will say is this: hang in there, he has his reasons and what you learn as you go through will make your heart bleed. I think part of the attraction is his mystery. You learn so little about him until the later novels and what he surrenders is hard won.

I know I like him because all you really want to do is give him a hug and tell him things will be OK in the end, even if they’re not, you just want them to be well. Another character I did this with recently was Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon A Time (Robert Carlyle). Speaking from general terms he’s a bit of a baddie, works for his own agenda and doesn’t mind screwing people over from time to time. However, in one episode we learn of how he came within a hairs breadth of redemption before throwing it all away in a moment of self-doubt. After all, how could anyone love a monster like him? How indeed? It tugged the frosty strings of my heart that’s for sure. Jenn has a long standing thing for Robert Carlyle (A little bit too scary for me – thanks Trainspotting) so I will let her inform you in a future post as to the why but I admit, in this particular show, I can see the attraction.

Can you? I will leave you with that thought for the time being, no doubt I will be back soon for another post and discussion about fangirling and the workings of the heart.

An Innocent Man – Guest Post

So, here I am, back again in the realm of fangirling. Ah it’s good to be back and distracted from what I am supposed to be doing.
There are differences this time, I have to admit. I seem to have breached the stereotype of long white haired bad asses, Khan, I’m looking at you. This time the one who’s caught my eye is a completely clueless, yet rather adorable angel type going by the name of Castiel (Supernatural). I’ll not go into all the gruesome details of the discussion I had with Jenn on here but we both came to the same conclusion, we are both suckers for an innocent.
Her current obsession, Alistair (Dragon Age) is so hopelessly naïve with ladies that it verges on embarrassment. The diverting of innuendo via the use of how great cheese is and the wonderful advantages of licking lamp-posts in winter with all the social ease of the clueless is somehow endearing.

Castiel is no different, I refer of course to episode Free to be You and Me, in which Dean drags, and I mean drags, Castiel to a ‘den of iniquity’ so he can lose his virginity before he dies. What follows is a cringe-worthy scene as Dean tries to get the clueless angel laid. He fails, miserably and Cas remains his clueless self. Bless. Cas’s appeal, to me at least, comes from his lack of knowledge of how to act around humans. He does try, I mean, really try, but he just falls short of the mark. Of course, he is also physically very attractive, and a bad-ass to boot which goes a long way to make me fangirl!

Guest Post: Lucreace

*Holds up hand and steps forward*

Hi Everyone, My name’s Debbie and I have a confession to make. I’m an obsessive Fan-girl.

One thing I have noticed during my travels through the wonderful world of the web is that all fangirls express themselves in different ways. Personally, I tend to write (awful) fan-fiction of an erotic nature, definitely not suitable for minors (or anyone!). I also tend to horde pictures of my victims and keep them in a stash on my trusty netbook.

Others express their devotion by drawing pictures, writing short pieces to go with the illustrations and various other activities too. One of the best Fan-girl experiences I had was a joint collaborative project with Jenn called G.Y.P.O. That’s Get Your Perv On for those not in the know! We each picked a character we felt a particular connection with and had to draw/write a piece for each other about the subject of our desire. This project was immensely fun to do and I’d recommend doing it to anyone!

I’d also like to mention something on the two types of Fan-girl, Proactive and Reactive. I tend to be proactive; I’ve had characters ‘walk’ up to me and suggest the idea but rejected them. One I said no to because I didn’t have the time. I mean. WTF? I didn’t have time? And this guy was hot too.

I know others (Jenn I look at you) tend to be a bit Reactive. These are the ones that are so powerful you just can’t help yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I have these as well and man are they amazing but sometimes… you just have to wonder… why?

My current obsession is D’Artagnan by the way. Seriously… French??