Friday Feature – Qwaychou

This weeks Friday Feature is from Qwaychou

Artist showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images

1. What compelled you first start drawing and creating?

I’ve been drawing all my life, I was born with tonsillitis, so to keep me quiet my mother would have me color in books or draw to keep me occupied.

2. Do you have any future plans for your artwork?

I used to have huge aspirations, but my health has demoted me to hobby artist. I do want to do some badge work, as we already have a laminater and small laminates.

3. What sort of media do you use to create your artwork? How long does it take you to complete a piece of artwork?

I like to use bristol cardstock and I use micron inkpens and prismacolor pencils. It takes me about 10-12 hours from concept to finished piece.

4. What inspired you to draw? Do you admire any other artists?

I get inspiration from many things, from fashion magazines, to artist pose files. I admire many artists, too many to name, but I would have to name Xa-Xa-Xa  on deviantart as a favorite.

5. Do you have any tips for any aspiring artists – beyond the usual ‘practise daily’? (These tips don’t have to be art creation related.)

Get your hands on a good anatomy book, that is the thing that I see most artists struggling with is proper anatomy. Use references for aspects of your art that you have problems with, even I still have problems with this, as I need to work on my backgrounds, so I should be using reference for some landscapes.

6. What is your fondest artist memory? (eg – An art trade you were really proud of/pleased with, your first commission, etc)

Wow, where to start, I remember my first ebay auction for my artwork, probably 25 years ago? I’ve been a guest at some conventions, and I won a ton of their contests for tshirt and program cover designs. I won a couple awards during my anime convention days, and I used to win a bunch of coloring contests when I was a kid.

7. Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Draw for yourself, don’t draw what you think people want to see, when you do that, it becomes a job, and it shows in your creativity. Art is individual, draw what you want to see on paper.


Many thanks to Qwaychou for taking the time to answer these questions for the Friday Feature and if you’d like to be featured on the blog then please, don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Miokath Reconfigured

Miokath Reconfigured

I wanted to give Jenn an alternative coat that was much more ‘goth’ than her own pink and blue; but I like pink and blue!
I also wanted to ‘revamp’ Miokath again; who is the Cenobite version of Jenn.
So I figured why not roll both into one?

Miokath is the ‘persona’ that I have paired up with Pinhead – he stole a part of her soul when he went on a date with her and this is what he ended up creating from that part of her soul.
A play thing to twist to his own ends.

Scan 90
Because Miokath is based off Jenn, her reconfiguration is based on my own fears of blindness and losing the use of her hands.
I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out, especially seeing as it’s based on art from 2006!

Initial Sketch of Miokath from 2006

I feel so alone on a Friday night


A picture for :iconhorrorlandcop74: of our Ghost OC’s Kiz and Betty~

I figure, Betty being as elegant and glamorous as she is would take it upon herself to tell her that ghosts can actually wear clothes and here, Kiz is grinning about being naked! I should have added a bit of a blush to her cheeks or something…?

I don’t know, I just picture Better being the sort to wear pretty dresses as often as she can and Kiz… not!

I also figure this is early on in their encounters too, before Kiz meets Fatso, Stretch and Stinkie. I picture Betty being the one to make the introduction to the Trio!
She’d have met Dr. Harvey though and still coming to terms with being dead.

It’s rather fitting uploading a pair of ghosts on Friday 13th!!
I hope you like it hun~

Jenn Goth


It’s been a while since I drew a new picture of Jenn, so here she is in all her cheesy, Gothy glory!
I swear Jenn, you’re too brightly coloured to be a ‘real’ goth!
Maybe I should give her an ‘alternative’ colour palette in one picture all, red and black and proper goth!!
Honestly though, I love her this way.
There are several ‘nods’ to fandoms in here that I was once connected too (ish) the red and green arm bands being from Freddy Krueger and the Lament Configuration around her neck~

Also, needed a new picture for my page, as the only one that looked half decent before was the one of her in the world ugliest dress!!

Pezwolf – Kiriban Prize


I held a give away raffle over on my DeviantArt account for hitting 300 watchers, my intention was to draw a bust prize for the winner and that would be that.

The winner was PezWolf, who I discovered was a really cool guy and from waaaay back in the VCL days and when he linked me the images of his character there was one ‘style’ that leapt out to me and I kinda went a bit… overboard with it!

It was great fun to do though, I don’t draw enough armour or fantasy characters these days so it was really good to be able to draw this one up~