My own biggest fan – Devon

Artwork by Squeekbat

I mentioned starting this series a little while ago now, but deliberated on who to start with or how I would write them.

Then I figured, I’d just do them in ‘aphabetical’ order according to my account!

Devon started off as a redesign for Kizmit; but she didn’t really click with me in the way that I thought she would do. So she was demoted from the name and picked up as Devon. Her name came from the Disturbed song ‘Inside the Fire’ – which is one of my firm favourites of theirs. I think she was given the name around 2007.

She is a ‘Glamfur‘ which was an art movement with the anthro community that started around 2003, when I first started sharing my art online and had some prominent names in LeeLee, Inhix, Silverwing and others. It then had a revival in 2007/2008 which is when I became more interested and aware of it and I enlisted Devon to the cause.

There are a couple of different versions of Devon. The waking world Devon and the dreamer. The dreamer is the one who has blank eyes, crosses and stiches on her face. The waking world Devon is the one who has real eyes. The general story behind her is that she is an inmate at Pillsbrooke hospital – a sanitarium – and cannot tell the difference between being awake and asleep. Everything feels like a dream (or reality)



  • She is into Nurses, Hair Falls and synthetic hair, she is technically dead and a non-rotting zombie that needs to feed of blood and alchohol in order to survive, she loves cross-gendered people and thrives among the transgendered as they don’t tend to judge her on the way she is and the way she survives. Equally she loves dressing as a nurse as well as in verious other clothing and loves bright colours.
  • Her favourite music to chill out and rock out too is: VNV Nation, CombiChrist, Celldweller and Icon of Coil.
  • Her tongue is green and poisonous.
  • She also loves it when people restyle her hair, as it changes colour very often and sometimes has hair falls in it.
  •  The four pointed earrings are usually spikes, but she often has stars dangling off her ears from the bottom on chains.
  •  Often drawn with drugs and various medical themed times, especially drips!
  •  She has her vagina sewn up and is non-sexually active, but most often than not she has lustrous feelings for people.
  • Torquemada is obsessed with her.

The above is from what I wrote about her back during that time so some of it may or may not be true anymore! I like it though.

Aesthetically, I have tried to steer her towards traditional goth – when not wearing nurses outfits.

I’ve a bit of work still to get her in the direction that I am after, but I have a Pinterest board set up for her to help me with this. She is a fun character and writing this up has made me realise that there is a lot more to her than I first remembered.

There is another element to her, and that is that my other character Torquemada is obsessed with her – but more about that when I get to writing up his ‘Biggest fan’ column in this series.


I’m my own biggest fan – part 6

Cenobites first picture

I know we all have to start somewhere with our art, but even so I am a bit embarrassed to even share this one with everyone so publicly.

It’s the first picture of my first furry character, then called Cenobite, I changed his name to Torquemada. Mostly to give him a bit more originality and after the priest that Lance Henriksen plays in The Pit and the Pendulum (something else that I should blog about at some point) If it’s not glaringly obvious by the background, he was made as a Hellraiser fan character. A furry, but also a cenobite. He has developed a bit since his first design, trying out several different designs along the way – but he has always kept the Hellraiser/Cenobite aesthetic to him. The whole long leather skirt and tortured look.

At one point he featured a lot of nails in his design, mostly in his cheeks and shoulders. One aspect of his design that I like and have tried to keep is barbed wire wrapped around his tail as well as as many piercings  and hooks I can fit into his ears as possible – these often take the form of spikes and chains.


Torquemada took a fair while to pin down a finalised design for. I remember changing him up a lot before I settled with a final look – even than I changed his scars/wounds a bit after settling on his design.


I added the insulting image of an inverted cross to his forehead in order to irritate another of my characters; Priest – which is something that remains on his still. The spiked collar was added purely to ‘take the piss’ out of those who go for more Gothic attire. Not because I dislike the subculture, but because I believe that’s what Cenobites would actually do if they ever met a ‘Goth.’

I now tend to draw Torquemada topless, on order to show off the Y morticians wound on his chest, and in a long leather skirt.


Despite being one of my oldest characters I’ve never done that much with him. I’ve not commissioned artwork of him as much as some of my other characters, but he is a character that I still hold dear to my heart, he has been with me since 2002 and is the oldest of my furry characters – which is maybe why he feels so special to me, but they all feel special and long serving at this point.

When is comes to his nature, he isn’t exactly a nice character. He is the one that preys upon all my others – which I think fits with the fact he is meant to be a chihuahua. I’ve never actually met a nice chihuahua! He has turned into a character that has come to represent my fears and everything that holds me back in my life. I strongly believe we are our worst enemies in life. I cling to him and he, in his own way, keeps me safe.

Everything about me wishes that I could be rid of everything that he represents; my anger, depression and anxieties. But he still offers some sort of misplaced comfort.


I’m my own biggest fan – Part 5

Kizmit. By Kizmit.

I’ll be honest. I don’t get to do much furry anymore. I have something of a love/hate relationship with most things furry. A part of me really enjoys it. I like drawing my own characters and designing up outfits for them to go in and wear and all that fun sort of stuff. The part of me that hates it is generally the part that gets sick and tired of all the drama bullshit that I’ve endured throughout my time in the furry fandom – to the point that when Furaffinity had to reset all it’s users passwords in a hack I’ve not bothered to look into getting my account fixed.

But, I remember the absolute joy of my early days in the fandom. When I had some artists whose work I just admired the snot out of! I recall there being three that I literally hero worshipped!

I remember when one of them drew my ‘Fursona’ Kizmit for me. I was absolutely floored! I’d never seen anything so wonderful in my entire life! I think it was that stage of my life where I really got the thirst to commission people to draw my characters for me, because I loved seeing them in other peoples styles – and honestly, my art is/was crap back then compared to what I know now! I wish I still had the image that Twiztid drew for me so that I could share it with you. Sadly, it was lost in a hard drive crash that still makes me feel a little bit sad to this day… and if you visit the link you’ll see that the dA gallery is empty. But I am thankfully still in touch with Gwen via facebook and keep in touch with her from time to time.

Another idol was Twira, again another mostly empty dA gallery, she drew my other ‘Fursona’ Jenn and a much beloved character called I Zombie. 1zombie

I Zombie was created pretty early on in my furry artworks and I remember that a friend at college, Kat, and myself had a heap of fun colouring him up in the college canteen. Still, I was once again, thrilled to see that someone else would draw him up. As for the picture of Jenn, I don’t know if I even have it anywhere. Which again, makes me feel somewhat sad.

The last person on this little list of idols is Sun – someone else I am still in loose touch with on facebook. Her art developed a lot since the days of the fur and it’s absolutely stunning. I swear! I mean, I always liked her anime styled stuff, but now her art just blows my mind. It’s amazingly detailed. Again, she drew me some Jenn which I fear I no longer have. Seems to be a bit of a running theme here! I am sure I could ask these people, but I really don’t know if opening up this can of worms for them is really worth it. We were pretty much all teenagers and very different people back then.

So, while I do have this love/hate relationship with the furry fandom, I do still love my longer standing characters that I’ve had for years. Like I Zombie, Kizmit, Torquemada. I just don’t know if it’s really worth actively seeking out a little niche in the furry fandom anymore?

I am my own biggest fan – part 4

Sometimes, you just happen to stumble across a creation that actually excites you.
I’ve had a character like that for some time now. I think I originally created him in 2011 which isn’t really all that long ago in the grand scheme of creating characters. He is actually fairly new compared to many that i have put out there.
But he certainly has that spark about him.

I use him for roleplaying on a game called Furcadia. Which is a game that I have enjoyed for many, many years. Sadly it has been in a slow decline for a while now – losing out to other ‘better looking’ games and other more welcoming communities.
Furcadia has this underlying community of snark – many of the players are young, the rest have been there for a long time. This seems to create a divide where it seems acceptable to micky take out of others characters. Yes, there are some characters you come across on there that you cannot help but think; “What the Hell?” about, but generally, you should keep these thoughts to yourself and not feel the need to exploit them and post them on negative tumblrs!

Anyway, that is enough of that tangent and expressing my slight irritation.

The character I am on about is Frey – I have mentioned him briefly in the past but never really gone into any details about him.

(Frey, artwork from 2012)
Frey was originally created for a collaborative Roleplay project between myself and Fry called World of Oure, this idea sadly fell through when we both discovered we do not have the time to dedicate to it.Though I would love to get it back up and running some time as the whole idea of a Futuristic-Dystopian-Norse RP setting really thrills the snot out of me!
And so, rather than waste the concept of Frey – which I very quickly grew attached to and excited about I purchased the alt for Furcadia – I think he cost something like $10 –  and I started roleplaying.
I’ve looked back a couple of times, and I’ve also gone through a fair chunk of time when I’ve not roleplayed as him. At others I have been hesitant to log in as him, purely because I’ve not been in the mood. then there was that period where I didn’t even want to look at Furcadia at all due to the fact that it reminded me of someone who I would rather not speak about.
However, I recently returned to the world of Furcadia and to RPing on Frey.
Thus far it has been one hell of an enjoyable blast! Hearing from the old faces I used to speak with has been an added joy that I did not expect to have. Being given wonderful compliments about my character is also a real joy as it generally introduces me to other people to roleplay with.
Though, there are tricky times as well. Although Frey is meant to be a big, combat type character, I do not deal with conflict overly well. And I do not know how I can overcome this from a roleplay point of view, not on this character.

So in light of this dilemma, I have created a new character to develop through roleplay – I enjoy this form of character development.

(Artwork by Seven11art)
When creating a character like this, what I do is get the basics down and let the In Character choices that he makes inform him as a whole – it’s like them telling you who they are as you go along. In a really geeky way it can be pretty exciting.

I am my own biggest fan! – Part 3 – Orcs

I touched on this in my last post.
But I have this really weird thing for Orcs.
I have half an idea where it came from, and that place was “March of Chaos” A PC strategy game that my boyfriend and I played through at some point when we lived together in Hull.

The game made me think; “I am going to make an Orc Warrior character on WoW.”
That character, was Gaak.

Ever since his creation I’ve had a strange connection to the Orc world, and enlightenment as it were. And possibly a sympathy?

In recent weeks I’ve been exploring this species, and have made several characters who just so happen to be orcs.

There is Krothu; He is from a story that I’ve not even really started writing yet. More a traditional fantasy deal involving wizard, tournaments and axes.

“John” – From a modern fantasy setting which involves him being some sort of diplomat. I drew the character once and it never got any further than that

(John, the modern day diplomat orc)

and Gurick.

Gurick has just flooded himself with my brain.
Another Urban fantasy setting character, but more involved with the gritty, scuminess of the world. Gang warfare and all that sort of interested bullshiz that 51st State left an impression of on my mind.
He and his friends have been very interesting to have talking to me as they’re all very interesting and inter connected.
I’d like to share some of their dealings and deeds with you, but I am currently uncertain where I can actually host such things due to their more adult content? Any pointers on this would be epic!

I should be honest here, I didn’t expect to stumble upon Gurick, mostly due to the fact that I had silly preconceptions that Saints Row the Third would be shit! (Don’t ask how these are related, fangirl will enlighten you)
The cheapest way to buy a copy of Space Marine was to buy it in a package with two other games. (Saints Row the Third and… something else.) Somehow, I caught wind of Saints Row having a really good character creation process of options – seeing as this is what my Masters is about (And now my blogs blur again) I thought it would be good research to check it out.
Thus, me being me, I made an Orc character… and got hooked on the game as well as the idea of developing my own Urban Fantasy.

I shall see about getting some footage of him doing the stuff he does best, throwing himself out the front of his car window ever wanted a reason to stop the Jenn from driving, this is it!  beating the shit out of people that don’t like him. Or maybe a picture will suffice.
Either way, this character has transcended the binds of the world in which he originated from (Just like Gaak and WoW) and has become something that little bit more for me; I am still trying to understand this process.

Edit: I totally forgot to mention Graal, another orc character of mine originating from a Pathfinder RP. Probably the catalyst for rekindling my Orcish obsession

I am my own biggest fan: Part 2

I have been playing a game for a while now, taken breaks and gone back to it several times. Gotten irritated, ragequit and gone back. There are two things that make me keep going back to it. Most of it is the influence and sales tactics of Dave, the fact that my sister plays and my character.

I had been playing the game before I made this particular character, but it was just that a game. Since making the character this post is about, it has become so, so much more. When you say the word Gaak, or think it. You’d probably be thinking of someone being sick or something that comes out of someone’s nose. I think of pride, honor, war and falling out of The Nexus.

I couldn’t find any screengrabs of Gaak, so here is some art that my sister did of him.

This was drawn after he got his first epic sword. He still has it.

Although Gaak is indeed a World of Warcraft character, there is so much more to him than just running about in dungeons getting better gear.
Yes, he does indeed go running around dungeons getting epics, but these dungeons are more of a past thing. Hunting for treasures and things that just look damned cool to keep in his bank.
I like progressing with him, who wouldn’t, but it’s not what makes the game the game and isn’t what makes him Gaak.

He has a guild as well, which is amazing fun to be in. Treasure Hunter Inc. It was founded with the help of his apprentice Treasure Hunter Djemah. A mage that has as much of a love for Shiny things as Gaak does. Among them is Kettriken, a very bitter Death Knight and Gretchin, the priest. Darkshield, a paladin who says nothing and Forix another Forsaken mage who thinks he is still a Blood Elf. At one point all of Gaak’s friends were Death Knights, this was a very confusing time for the warrior.
In game, whenever something goes wrong it is Gaaks fault, regardless of the fact that it is or not!
I have been blamed for PvP going wrong, raids failing and character name stealing! (I kid you not, they we’re Ghack and whispered me to tell me I stole their name. I have had Gaak for a couple of years now.)

We are a crazy bunch.
We have fun.

Gaak… also known as Gaaaaaaaaaaaaak whenever he logs on, has really made WoW come alive for me. I fangirl over him, because he is amazing. He is Gaak. I have had a heap of fun roleplaying as him with various unsuspecting people. (People I know In the Real World, who didn’t know I was playing Gaak) This makes for rather interesting conversation with the real people once they have told you working for Trolls makes your “thingy” green.

Warcraft wouldn’t be, and isn’t, the same if I do not play as Gaak.

“/y Thunderfury

I am my own biggest fan.

Over the many years of drawing I have created a great many characters. Half written a heap of stories to go with them and sometimes not even got that far. Thing is, I just love creating. I equally love creating with other people, but that is an entirely new story.

So one year, back in 2006 I believe. I was wandering about on a silly little chat based game called Furcadia. And saw an advert for someone selling a character name for a mere $5. I happened to like this particular name, so I brought it. I made a character who reflected my interests and likes at the time and came up with one of the strangest characters of all times. A male character with rather feminine qualities with a really borked up past. Who hated anything and everything to do with drugs. I am talking about Wars.

Yet, having Wars on his own, seemed a bit strange. I wasn’t sure what to do with him now that I had him in existence. At this time, I was working for Royal Mail which was in a way fantastic because as soon as I was out of the office and on delivery I could put my head in La-La land and think about other things.
Naturally solving my Wars problem was a high priority.
I was partially influenced by a fellow DeviantArtist DarkenLite. Who at that time was drawing a lot of her Yaoi characters Fright and Shadow. I do not know if she still has these characters and we rarely speak any more as she tends to draw Transformers Erotica/Slash. Which is something I never understood.
I decided: Wars needs a boyfriend.

He needed someone who was a bit of a loose canon, someone who would spur him into action away from his apathy. A hot head. A dick! Therefore Beee came along.

They bloomed and took off a storm for a while. I had a few people who liked their unique designs and cybergothic influences. I drew them mercilessly for a good few years. I still do from time to time, that picture of Wars is fairly recent. (The one of Beee is the first I ever drew of him) However, the magic vanished somewhere along the line and for the most part they are pretty much forgotten about aside for a few wonderfully dedicated fans! Myself being the biggest.

See, we fangirls don’t just pick famous characters to worship!