Pimping Feature Friday

Hi Gang,

I hinted at this in one of my previous posts, but it’s not very much active! I’ve sent out a couple of ‘starter feature requests’ to some fellow artistic bloggers, but I would love it if some people I am not following would like to get involved as well.

I have added a form for a ‘Friday Feature’ on my main menu bar, and I am looking for other artists to feature here on my blog.

I know, as a whole, blogs are meant to be personal and for the most part this blog still is. Yet, I also feel that the blog so far has been deeply impersonal and as a means to get away from that I would like to share the works and words of others who are in a similar field as myself – namely the creative, visual, arts – so, if you would like to have a post on my blog dedicated to you and yours feel free to fill out the (very brief) form and I shall write up something completely positive about you, your blog and your arts.

Much Love


Criticizing Photographs 

I’ve been putting some more thought into the idea of creating a photography critic blog lately. A part of this idea is digesting a book from back in the days when I was studying Contemporary Lens Media at The University of Lincoln; Criticizing Photographs by Terry Barrett. I always remember this book being a good and worthy while read, but never managing to get the full way through.

Seeing as I am well out of touch with everything photography the refresh on how to approach looking at a photograph has been well worth it so far, but thinking of it all from a blogging point of view I can see some pros and cons to the idea.

As the little grabby hand suggests, I don’t have much time to do much without being interrupted! So with already having two blogs to update and keep on top of, I don’t know if a third one will really work out. The idea of adding a photography section here is something that I’ve thought about as well, but this blog is confused enough as it is already! But at the same time, I don’t want to stop updating here because I am working on other blogs.

I’ve read many times over, to make a blog ‘successful’ it needs to have a dedicated focus. A single topic. I don’t mind so much that this blog doesn’t as it is more of a personal journal than anything else. 

Maybe I should write a couple of critiques, but them here and see how they go first. See if I actually enjoy writing them before launching into anything too serious? 

I have to get through the rest of Criticizing Photographs first! Let’s see if I am still inspired after that. If I can keep little hands off the book while I try and read. 

I did a thing


If the picture above wasn’t a give away, it’s to do with my Space Marines.

It’s been so long since I was inspired to do anything with them, but I caved and made a blog up for them again.

I don’t know how much I will do on it. Or where things will lead or even if the inspiration will last very long. I can’t really give judgement on these things right now. But I though I would share that I actually managed to get something started.

A lot of the blog/website is pretty empty right now, but I am hoping to include pictures and little extracts/sayings for the characters and generally get things kick started again.

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually be able to call myself a War-gamer again soon!

But I thought I would let you all know, seeing as I know some of my followers on this blog are fellow hobbiests.

Something I struggle with

I didn’t want to write this post either – maybe next time I’ll look at what I have to write before accepting a challenge.

Mostly, because I find if I dwell on the things I struggle with they feel a little all consuming and it tends to get me feeling a bit overwhelmed and it’s a downward spiral.

There is one thing though that I think I really struggle with. Overthinking. I am always concerned with ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ or ‘What will be the consequences if I do X thing’ It’s pretty much a problem with everything that I take on. The fear of failure, rather than just trying something out. Rather than feeling free to parts of my ideas or creative adventures, I am more concerned with what’ll happen if I do the thing.

For example, I have a lot of story ideas and character concepts in my head – but rather than jut enjoy these ideas while they last, I tend to think, what happens if I only get into them for a few days and they fall flat on their backsides and I never pick them up again? Ultimately, who would really give two hoots if this is the case! I mean, as long as I enjoy what I am doing at the time and in the long run no one gets hurt, it’s all good right?

I feel this way with all my ventures really. The fear of failure or whatever that holds me back, when really I should just let go of it all and enjoy everything while it lasts. Rather than overthink and over complicate things.

10 songs I am into right now

Okay, tricky list right now. I’m not really up-to-date and ‘hip’ when it comes to music. I have songs I’ve been listening to death for the past 7 years and still into! But here we go!

Lacuna Coil – Losing my Religion
Disturbed – Sound of Silence
Vitas – The Star
VNV Nation – Homeward
Lady Gaga – Electric Chapel
Hozier – Take me to Church
Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
Silent Hill Soundtrack – You’re not here
James Blunt – Tears and Rain
Take That – Kidz

My tastes in music are pretty varied and I have added some links to youtube videos incase you’d like to check them out.

I just noticed there wasn’t any P!nk on this list, which makes me feel somewhat sad.

Plenty of religious references though. Hurrah!

5 ways to win my heart

Seeing as we’ve just seen the back of Valentines day and all the chocolates are now on special offer in stores, I thought this would be a good subject to to post about.

Another list from my writing prompt, but they seem to be a good thing to write so, here we go.

Flowers – You know, this is something that I think most women would like to be brought by their partners. I’m not a girl of expensive tastes and I don’t want to b brought tacky bunches of 24 red roses or anything lavish as that. A £1 bunch of daffodils are actually my favourites and I think it’s that fact being remembered that means more to me than the flowers themselves. Come at me with a big bunch and while I will still appreciate it, it won’t be the same as those daffs.

Fudge bars – Much like the above really, they’re my favourite little treat and they’re only 25p. Don’t bother with the massive box of chocolates that’ll only make me get fat, just get one of these for me every now and again and we’re good!

Drawings – I love it when people draw for me. Absolutely love it. I don’t care if you don’t think you can draw or if you’re the next Picasso! It means the world to me that you took your precious time to think of me and draw something. Time is the only thing in the world that we can’t get back, spending it on me to create something it just amazing and rather overwhelming.

Coffee and conversation – Actually, it’ll be more like a cup of tea and conversation, but how many people go to a Costas with the intention of buying a tea? Anyway, I don’t mean the fleeting conversation of ‘Hi, how are you?’ I’m not that great with small talk, I mean, lets go somewhere and have a deep and meaningful conversation. Or talk about drama or the things that are lighting up your soul right now! Speak to me about your passions and what you’re creating! Tell me all your silly little ideas for stories and I’ll tell you mine and we can tell one another that they aren’t actually silly and we can collaborate and make magic things happen! Honestly, I would love to do this more in my life.

Space – I can’t stress how mega important this one is! Give me time and space to be myself and do my own thing. I love the company of other people, don’t get me wrong, but I take a lot of time to recover from being around people as well. I need time to work on the various things that I have running over and over in my head. If I am tucked away somewhere working on something, the very best thing you can do is bring me a brew and leave me too it!

Shameless Promotion

Hi fans,

Today, I want to take time away from talking about myself and do some shameless promotion for another blog – I feel like it’ll be my good deed of the day – so I looked over my rather thin looking blog roll and found a site that I visit regularly. Albeit I am reminded to look via twitter and/or facebook, but it is a gentle prodding that I really don’t mind.

I have mentioned before that I am a fan of all things creative and fun so I’ve chosen to send you to Toystark and friends

It is a ‘Geek Culture’ blog featuring a toy version of Tony Stark and some other random miscreants and the fun that they have together on the shelf in which they live (And other fun places they may or may not get to visit)

The whole venture is rather charming in it’s own way, with easily digestible photography and content that just adds a little sparkle to my reading list on the days it is updated; usually Wednesdays and Sundays (Unless there is a special event going on that warrants a bonus update, like Valentines day)

Naturally, this blog will speak to you if you like your Action Figures, Geek Culture and have a decent sense of humour!

The blog itself is still rather new and ‘upcoming’ so it may not be as polished off as some people might like, but there we go! It’s one of those ‘appreciate it for what it is’ things and see how the blog grows and improves over time. I just wanted to share this little gem of the internet with you all.