How have you been?

Hello everyone.

I wanted to know how you have all been?

And, I’ll share with you what I have been doing! Mostly, I have been making a huge complicated mess of things! I’ve often tried having a blog dedicated to a single thing; like art or book reviews or wargaming (never video gaming though) and while I’ve been able to keep at it for a month or so, I never seem to be able to hack longer than that before I flip-change and want to write about something else.

It’s a mistake I keep making with the end and inevitable result being I come crawling back here with regret all over my face.

Which is what I am doing again now.

I’m facing it with that same resolve as ever though; I’ll just stick to things over here from now on. I honestly just need to repeat a mantra that I am a person of different levels and interests and trying to compartmentalise my life and thoughts is exhausting and far, far too time consuming.

So, if you’ll forgive the mess that I keep making, I’ll carry on here and pretend nothing happened and just blog everything under one roof because there is to much to my life and thoughts that just a single aspect.


Patreon Video

Hi everyone!

I finally bit the bullet and overcame some stumbling blocks and made myself an introduction video for my Patreon page. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was a bit of a test when it came to figuring it all out! But I am really proud of myself for having made this step with everything.

I feel like, with every step that I take on this journey, that I am growing as a person. It’s all being a challenge for me, but one that I am finding myself enjoying more and more with each day. I find that I have been looking at things differently; certainly appreciating what I do find a lot more too.

I just felt that I should share the video on here as well – even though it is a little cringy to watch and in a few weeks I’ll hate it an probably want to readdress it again.


Bury Agricultural Show

I’ve been holding off on writing this blog post, mostly because I have been wondering how it really relates to my creative journey and my artwork. Yet, the desire to post and talk about this even has still been within me, so maybe it’s just through writing this post that I’ll find out?

Bury Agricultural Show is an annual even, hosted at Burrs Country Park close to where I live each year. It’s family orientated show, with a host of different events, animals and entertainment acts throughout the day. Although we didn’t spend that much time at the show this year, mostly due to a rather poor offering of things to look at. There was a good show of horses and people doing various things in the arenas, yet on the side of stalls we found the show a little on the dull side – which is a shame compared to previous offerings.

However, seeing the animals with my son was really sweet. He found particular entertainment in the chickens, ducks and sheep which are more on his eye level.


I think it was while we were at the show I realised just how important out-doorsy and naturey stuff is to me, and us as a family, while on our recent holiday we did a lot of walking around new places and we all had a wonderful time; even the dog who like all other dogs, loves his walks. So, it was here that I really started thinking about how I could get that important element into my artwork.

I am still yet to try out my most recent art idea for getting nature involved, but I have gotten a few elements in place so that I can start when I get a bit more spare time – I am hoping to get a start on something tomorrow and I am really, really excited about doing so, which I cannot tell you quite how amazing that feels. I am actually excited about art and creating something! I’ve not had that feeling in such a long time! Not about art at any rate. So things are actually starting to work.


Catalogue Poetics – Workshop

I think as a part of my artistic journey I should be branching out from what I have done before; finding different creative ways to express myself in order to find what is at my core. As a part of this, and because I saw it on my twitter feed a few days prior, I headed down to Bury Art Museum for a free Workshop they were holding called, Catalogue Poetics – I didn’t quite know what to expect or what the workshop was actually about, but I thought it would be artsy being held in a gallery and all. So I bit the bullet, told the other half I wanted to go somewhere and off I went.

It was a fine first step into the creative atmosphere again, as there was only a couple of us; so the process wasn’t at all as scary as I was first fearing.

The workshop itself was about Archives and how they in themselves are a work of art and creative writing.

More than that though, we were talking about how we would archive works. Going on the creative process again was at first rather daunting. This is the first time in months, maybe years, I feel I have accessed a higher level of thinking when it comes to a creative approach. Honestly, I was thankful for it. There was some gentle prodding to get the brain going again and while looking at an exhibit containing Starbucks coffee cups and a disposable bag (Only fine art, eh!) and attempting to archive he exhibit in the way that a traditional archivist would – followed by our own individual way.

In the end, I somehow stumbled across the idea of using how I looked at the exhibition as a means of archiving it and the steps that I took, along with my initial thoughts on the pieces. Even this was interesting – whenever I see an exhibition I look at the information about it first, then have the intention of walking around in a clockwise order, but get distracted by something that looks ‘prettier’ and drift over to that instead! So somehow, my archival technique would end up being read like a set of dance instructions.


You can see the pink post-it notes on the table, which is where the idea formed. To be honest, it was mostly just nice to be around two other ladies who shared an interest in the creative world and connect with that side of things again, even if it is in a way that didn’t completely resonate with me. When I think of art, I tend to find more pleasure in the purely visual side – paintings on walls and such – but it was nice to experience another side of creativity and see what could come from it.

Tell Tale Tuesday – 1

Hi Gang,

Just a quick Thank you first of all to those who liked and viewed my last ‘Tell Tale Tuesday’ post. Because no one sent any questions in I visited Random Questions and got a few questions from there.

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

Pretty much no time at all! All I really need in the morning is a cup of tea, go to the loo and throw some clothes on. No necessarily in that order! I’ve never been the fashion conscious/make-up sort so I don’t feel like I have ever had to spend much time ‘getting ready’ in that sense, which is a good job really because now I have a son and a dog I don’t get that luxury time anyway.

What website do you visit the most?

WordPress, it’s the home of my blog and I found that the app/desktop app doesn’t feel as comfortable as the website.
I used to be a bit of an internet addict at one point and there was a plethora of other sites I used to visit as well. DeviantArt was always high up on the list; but I have recently broken free and don’t have an account there anymore. Weasyl, Furaffinity,,, and Twitter were also often visited websites; but I only have a twitter account active now.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?

This is a horrible question, because although I am a visual artist, I usually create to music! I think I would ‘rather’ be deaf though, as then I could still communicate and enjoy all the visual things I currently do, such as movies, art and books. Though, I know there are alternatives for blind people – I don’t think either would be all doom and gloom.

So, if you have any questions for me please feel free to comment here or get in touch via twitter or by any other means you know of.

Much Love


Pimping Feature Friday

Hi Gang,

I hinted at this in one of my previous posts, but it’s not very much active! I’ve sent out a couple of ‘starter feature requests’ to some fellow artistic bloggers, but I would love it if some people I am not following would like to get involved as well.

I have added a form for a ‘Friday Feature’ on my main menu bar, and I am looking for other artists to feature here on my blog.

I know, as a whole, blogs are meant to be personal and for the most part this blog still is. Yet, I also feel that the blog so far has been deeply impersonal and as a means to get away from that I would like to share the works and words of others who are in a similar field as myself – namely the creative, visual, arts – so, if you would like to have a post on my blog dedicated to you and yours feel free to fill out the (very brief) form and I shall write up something completely positive about you, your blog and your arts.

Much Love