How have you been?

Hello everyone.

I wanted to know how you have all been?

And, I’ll share with you what I have been doing! Mostly, I have been making a huge complicated mess of things! I’ve often tried having a blog dedicated to a single thing; like art or book reviews or wargaming (never video gaming though) and while I’ve been able to keep at it for a month or so, I never seem to be able to hack longer than that before I flip-change and want to write about something else.

It’s a mistake I keep making with the end and inevitable result being I come crawling back here with regret all over my face.

Which is what I am doing again now.

I’m facing it with that same resolve as ever though; I’ll just stick to things over here from now on. I honestly just need to repeat a mantra that I am a person of different levels and interests and trying to compartmentalise my life and thoughts is exhausting and far, far too time consuming.

So, if you’ll forgive the mess that I keep making, I’ll carry on here and pretend nothing happened and just blog everything under one roof because there is to much to my life and thoughts that just a single aspect.


Pimping Feature Friday

Hi Gang,

I hinted at this in one of my previous posts, but it’s not very much active! I’ve sent out a couple of ‘starter feature requests’ to some fellow artistic bloggers, but I would love it if some people I am not following would like to get involved as well.

I have added a form for a ‘Friday Feature’ on my main menu bar, and I am looking for other artists to feature here on my blog.

I know, as a whole, blogs are meant to be personal and for the most part this blog still is. Yet, I also feel that the blog so far has been deeply impersonal and as a means to get away from that I would like to share the works and words of others who are in a similar field as myself – namely the creative, visual, arts – so, if you would like to have a post on my blog dedicated to you and yours feel free to fill out the (very brief) form and I shall write up something completely positive about you, your blog and your arts.

Much Love


Criticizing Photographs 

I’ve been putting some more thought into the idea of creating a photography critic blog lately. A part of this idea is digesting a book from back in the days when I was studying Contemporary Lens Media at The University of Lincoln; Criticizing Photographs by Terry Barrett. I always remember this book being a good and worthy while read, but never managing to get the full way through.

Seeing as I am well out of touch with everything photography the refresh on how to approach looking at a photograph has been well worth it so far, but thinking of it all from a blogging point of view I can see some pros and cons to the idea.

As the little grabby hand suggests, I don’t have much time to do much without being interrupted! So with already having two blogs to update and keep on top of, I don’t know if a third one will really work out. The idea of adding a photography section here is something that I’ve thought about as well, but this blog is confused enough as it is already! But at the same time, I don’t want to stop updating here because I am working on other blogs.

I’ve read many times over, to make a blog ‘successful’ it needs to have a dedicated focus. A single topic. I don’t mind so much that this blog doesn’t as it is more of a personal journal than anything else. 

Maybe I should write a couple of critiques, but them here and see how they go first. See if I actually enjoy writing them before launching into anything too serious? 

I have to get through the rest of Criticizing Photographs first! Let’s see if I am still inspired after that. If I can keep little hands off the book while I try and read. 

I did a thing


If the picture above wasn’t a give away, it’s to do with my Space Marines.

It’s been so long since I was inspired to do anything with them, but I caved and made a blog up for them again.

I don’t know how much I will do on it. Or where things will lead or even if the inspiration will last very long. I can’t really give judgement on these things right now. But I though I would share that I actually managed to get something started.

A lot of the blog/website is pretty empty right now, but I am hoping to include pictures and little extracts/sayings for the characters and generally get things kick started again.

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually be able to call myself a War-gamer again soon!

But I thought I would let you all know, seeing as I know some of my followers on this blog are fellow hobbiests.

Something I struggle with

I didn’t want to write this post either – maybe next time I’ll look at what I have to write before accepting a challenge.

Mostly, because I find if I dwell on the things I struggle with they feel a little all consuming and it tends to get me feeling a bit overwhelmed and it’s a downward spiral.

There is one thing though that I think I really struggle with. Overthinking. I am always concerned with ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ or ‘What will be the consequences if I do X thing’ It’s pretty much a problem with everything that I take on. The fear of failure, rather than just trying something out. Rather than feeling free to parts of my ideas or creative adventures, I am more concerned with what’ll happen if I do the thing.

For example, I have a lot of story ideas and character concepts in my head – but rather than jut enjoy these ideas while they last, I tend to think, what happens if I only get into them for a few days and they fall flat on their backsides and I never pick them up again? Ultimately, who would really give two hoots if this is the case! I mean, as long as I enjoy what I am doing at the time and in the long run no one gets hurt, it’s all good right?

I feel this way with all my ventures really. The fear of failure or whatever that holds me back, when really I should just let go of it all and enjoy everything while it lasts. Rather than overthink and over complicate things.

10 songs I am into right now

Okay, tricky list right now. I’m not really up-to-date and ‘hip’ when it comes to music. I have songs I’ve been listening to death for the past 7 years and still into! But here we go!

Lacuna Coil – Losing my Religion
Disturbed – Sound of Silence
Vitas – The Star
VNV Nation – Homeward
Lady Gaga – Electric Chapel
Hozier – Take me to Church
Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
Silent Hill Soundtrack – You’re not here
James Blunt – Tears and Rain
Take That – Kidz

My tastes in music are pretty varied and I have added some links to youtube videos incase you’d like to check them out.

I just noticed there wasn’t any P!nk on this list, which makes me feel somewhat sad.

Plenty of religious references though. Hurrah!