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Category: Art

Commission: Silver Guard

Commission for an email client. Always nice to get to draw something a bit more than just a bust in shape. I think the Purity Seals here steal the show! […]

Update from last week

These two images were shared last week in a sketch dump post – so I thought I’d share the finished results here too! The character is called Jenn and she […]

Commission: Space Wolf

Commission for an email client – back to the Warhammer Busts! Always nice to revisit a ‘favourite’ Chapter too. I’ve now drawn a few Space Wolves; what I really like […]

Patreon Reward: Heretic_Deb

As the title says, this is a Patreon Reward for Heretic_Deb She requested Jenn and Rambo grinning.It was nice to get some free reign on this, as it was a […]

Anthropomorphic Thursday

I was able to finish off some of my anthropomorphic artworks, so thought it would be good to share them here. I made Kestrel up recently and haven’t drawn her […]

Twitter Give-Away Pictures

I ran a give-away a little while ago on Twitter as I was looking for people to help me branch out from just doing Space Marine busts – which I […]

First Date: Rambo

Date Report CardName of Date: John RamboDate Location: Paintball?Date Activities: Shooting, mostly.Date Pros: Very active date had a lot of fun running about shooting one another.Date Cons: He wanted to […]

Commission: World Eater

It’s back to the busts again! The main-stay of my artistic career. I simply love doing these things, they’re always so much fun. The blood on this one make me […]

Art Dump!

There has been a rather huge dip in my blogs traffic since I took the anthropomorphic artwork off the blog. I figure that’s a bad thing so I’ll be sharing […]

Commission: Nurgle

I have secretly been hoping for someone to ask me to draw them all ‘Nurgly’ for a while. This week, Grandfather Nurgle answered my prayers! This is a commission for […]

Commission: ADB

This was a supremely awesome commission I was asked to do some time ago for a certain authors birthday. I’d pretty much forgotten about this commission, seeing as I couldn’t […]

Lets Cyber: Skaejre

I don’t know if I shared any of the other images in this series? It’s where I dressed up my characters in a Cybergoth style aesthetic as a nod backwards […]


Just a quick update with some more furry art sketches. I hope you don’t mind. This is my character, Priest. I’ve had this character (like all my furry characters) for […]

Personal artworks

I am at the stage of recovery now that I am feeling able to do a few simple pictures for myself and ease myself back into the flow of things. […]

Commission: Iron Hawks

Commission for Daemon_Hammer Wow, this was a big one! It was fantastic to do and, as usual, a welcome challenge compared to the regular busts. I’ve been trying to think […]