I Zombie Doll


Just a quick update today.

I’ve been a little busy during the past few days, with it being my birthday and all. I did manage to finish a commission, but it’s awaiting approval so I can’t share it just yet.

I did make these guys up on recolor.me though!

1Kizmit Doll

They’re just fun little dolls of my OC’s I Zombie and Kizmit. I had to do some post editing on them in photoshop for their markings, but not much – I like doll creation & editing things, they’re fun. I have a Torquemada one in progress!

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my Instagram a character only account.. or getting rid of it completely. Not sure yet, but I think it might inspire me to draw at least one of my OC’s a bit more often.


Vida – NSFW Commission


Commission for an email client.

This one was a lot of fun to work on as there was a lot of back and forth, working out various details and such with the client.

I was really glad for this commission cause it pushed me to draw more adult anatomy on a picture – something that I have done a bit of in the past, but have generally moved away from.

It prompted me to put up a poll on dA to what style people prefer; nipples, vagina & penis details or barbie dolled anatomy, and the results are leaning more towards details at the moment.

So, I might try and do a few more adult images in this style and see how I feel with it.
I mean, if I don’t feel like doing details, I can use underwear & cute/sexy outfits to cover them instead, right?

Pin Up Style Commissions

I made a form for commissioners to fill in, should they be interested in commissioning me.


I’ve never used anything like this before, so I hope it all works!


Where did this pin-up thing come from?


If you hadn’t noticed I’ve kind of gone a bit on a pin-up style art kick and because there are always people out there that’ll try and take credit for whatever it is you do – I wanted to share what got me back into doing them.

I found this sketch book from when I was studying my Masters; we’re in the middle of moving house so it’s dragged up a whole host of things that I’d forgotten about.

The sketch book was pretty simple really, in fact, a cheapy from The Works, but it fit the purpose of my needs at the time.

I was looking at what sort of animals I saw when looking at different people and drawing them in the same pose next to the picture that inspired them.

It was an interesting idea at the time and something I’d like to do again. I think they’d be good for warm up sketches and practise purposes.

I’m pleased I found them though because they gave me a bit of a reminder of my own art style and the direction I am now heading in, just thought it would be something fun to share with everyone here.

Have any of my readers ever had any ‘revelations’ like this? Reminders of directions they’d once walked in, that have prompted them to ‘get back on track?

This weeks bodges

There was a discussion earlier this week on twitter that was actually pretty interesting.

It was more aimed at the hobby side of things – that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people. It stemmed from advice we’d give to new beginners to the hobby. And it was something I agreed with; while others thought that we should compare, because that’s how we improve.

It was a great discussion and what came out of it was that there are very few people that share things they’re unhappy with.

So, I’m relating that to drawing and thought I would share some of the sketches this week that haven’t made the cut and been turned into final drawings.

I’ll probably look back on some of these sketches at some point and think ‘This one wasn’t that bad, maybe I should use it.’ but for now they’re going to go on the ‘scrap heap’ never to see the light of day again!!

I just wanted to show that while a lot of the images we make are really great, but for every one image that does make it there is a heap more that don’t. So, don’t judge yourself too harshly when something doesn’t work out the way you originally planned and don’t be too self critical; because we all make mistakes and we all have things that we aren’t proud of – it’s just we don’t tend to show the things we think are terrible all too often!


I have some pre-poses left over from some commission work.

If anyone would like to ‘claim’ any of them let me know?

Or if anyone has suggestions for any of my OC’s in a particular pose, I’d like that too~