Just a quick update this time. I was brought some Demi-Griff Knights for Christmas and I’ve managed to stick them together today. They’re a really nice kit – once I got the hang of them. The first one was a bit tricky and frustrated me a lot, but I was being impatient with it so it’s my own fault. I don’t know when we will get nice enough weather for me to spray and start painting them, but I have enough of this army to get cracking with!

This week, I have managed to finish off the last two Bloodcrushers – the other one was painted ages ago – but I’d base coated these two a while back and figured I wanted to get them done before picking up something else.

I’m over the moon with how they came out as they’re rather chunky models. My experiences with bigger models is limited so I suffer from ‘big model intimidation.’ Getting these done feels like a weight off my shoulders!

I’ve not got much left to paint in this army now. Another unit of Bloodletters and five Khorne Dogs that I have no idea how to paint. Not sure if using the red paint scheme for these Bloodletters will translate to the dogs. But I won’t know until I find out.

Some of the photography in the coming weeks/months might be a bit ‘funky’ as I have had to dig out the DSLR. I lent my little compact camera to my Dad for his holidays. I’ll try my best to get re-acquainted with the Nikon, but I remember having lighting issues with it before and I’d prefer something quick and simple

It’s been all about the blood and skulls here lately! I’ve taken the plunge to finish off some of the models for my Daemon army. It’s mostly a ‘showcase’ army. As far as I know each daemon God now has it’s own book and I’m not even sure they can all work together like they used too, but that’s how I’ve always envisioned a Chaos Daemon army – lot’s of gribbly things amassed together. Initially the army was an excuse to paint some wonderful and wacky colours on things; but for the Blood and Skull related things for the army I have gone a bit more traditional.

I used to like the previous installment of Skulltaker as a model, so when the new one came out I had to add him to my army list. His cloak is glorious and I had the most fun painting it (Almost as fun as my Mortifactors bases!) Speaking of bases, I wasn’t sure how well this one would turn out. Putting the texture paint on an already textured base felt dubious at the time, but I think it worked rather well.

Blood Guard: A Vindicator! — Black Hand Marines

First Commission of the year and it’s a tank! I really love painting tanks now that I have my head around how to do battle damage. I relished the opportunity to try some in a different colour. I love the colour red, and have been enjoying painting the Blood Angels, so when I was asked […]

Blood Guard: A Vindicator! — Black Hand Marines

I’ve not anything of my own to share today (I am so close with my various Bloodletter offerings though) but I do have something to reblog!

I commissioned Heretic Deb to paint one of my many Blood Guard Vindicators – I have four of these things so thought it would be good to get a bit of variation between them – and going by the photographs I am not disappointed.

I am over the moon with how it’s looking, the battle damage and dirt is just sublime! I can’t wait to see it in person and display it proudly on the shelf with my other Blood Guard models.

Bloodcrushing and Skullcanoning

I have some WIPs to share today! A Bloodcrusher and a Skullcanon. I started the Bloodcrusher I started few months ago before my hobby attentions changes, and put the layering paints on at the turn of the New Year. All that remains is to base it and it’ll be up to a similar standard as my other Bloodcrusher. But I am holding off on doing the base until I have finished the last remaining Bloodcrusher and the Skullcanon.

The Skullcanon has been base coated and washed so next time I get painting I shall fill in the wash gaps that I missed (Whoops) and put some layers on. I was really worried about painting this miniature as it’s one of the larger, more intimidating ones I currently have in the painting pile so I hope I can pull it off nicely.

No video today as these aren’t finished models and I’d like to reserve that ‘trick’ for finished off models only.

Pin-up Commissar

Some time last year I brought myself this fantastic Pin-up model by Anvil Industries – they make some great character models and I’ve never been a huge fan of GW Commissar models so when this guy graced my presence I just knew I had to paint him up for my Astra Militarum… somehow, he just fits with the craziness of the rest of my Guardsmen. My Aris 412th Guardsmen are a mostly finished army that I add to as and when I feel like it. They were originally purchased to ally with Lord Commander Eloths Space Wolves when we were able to frequent the local gaming club together.

For him to be the first finished model of 2020 feels so… fittingly TragicFangirl!

I am really going to try and push myself to be more productive within the hobby this year. Mostly by painting and finishing more models and really getting to grips with my cutting down my backlog and finishing off some of my armies as they are (So I don’t buy more and just get overwhelmed) but I think a lot of hobbyists say this at the beginning of the year, so we’ll see how it goes.

At the tail end of last year I had the idea of videoing my models on a turntable and showing them off that way. This morning I tried to take such a video of this model and… it didn’t go quite according to plan. Mostly, because I am used to photography where you can change the orientation of the camera for better results and video doesn’t work in quite the same way! I’ve attached the video at the end of the post regardless as a means to record my improvement.

All that remains to be said is Happy New Year and I hope that you all make 2020 what you want it to be.

I’ve never jumped on this sort of bandwagon before, but upon seeing Lord Commander Eloth getting his hobby achievements for the year out on the dining room table, I was inspired to do exactly the same thing.

These are the things that I have painted/finished off this year.

I’d like to start by mentioning the Paint-a-thon, I did with Heretic Deb as this feels like it was a real hobby high-light of the year for me. Heretic Deb and I painted for 12 hours to raise money for Cancer Research and we managed to raise £570. It was a great fun day and live-streaming the event was brilliant.

The ‘Chaplain’ Stormcast on the end has been added to my new Cities of Sigmar army so I shall have to base him up in their scheme (When I have it figured out) which leads me nicely onto these guys.

These handgunner miniatures were given to me by my Brother-in-law and were the test models for my Cities of Sigmar army. Setting the basic paint-scheme of red and purple, again I need to base these but I’ve a few things I’d like to work out before I take the plunge and give the base scheme a try; I’m hoping to get a forest floor type of base for them but need to look at a few tutorials and figure a couple of things out for them – but I love how this army is progressing and the vast model range for it so expect a lot of this army in 2020!

I started painting this year with my daemon army and it’s mostly finished. I’ve a few Khorne Dogs, a second Bloodletter Unit, two more Bloodcrushers and a skull canon to paint before I can add anything more to them. It’s a victory that’s so close I can taste it; just need to push on with them and get them done!

This year I started painting ‘random models’ too. Buying a few models here and there that I just liked the look of. That I could pick up and paint as the mood took me, rather than having to think about dedicated paint schemes and larger armies. I urge any hobbyist to do this, as it’s very liberating! I’ve a few random models in my hobby to-do list at the moment and I’m looking forward to painting each of them. Another random model I finished was for a miniature swap – this models is no longer in my hands as it was sent to it;s new owner in time for the deadline (Sadly, I am yet to receive a model in return, so I cannot share an image of the swap properly)

I was inspired by Azazels Neglected Model challenge to pick up and finish off my Lizardmen army – I started Lizards for Oldhammer and didn’t really enjoy seeing them in Age of Sigmar, so finishing them off was a purely nostalgic thing. It was great being able to paint some bigger models and the sense of achievement I have with them now is epic! I’ve only a few smaller models to finish off (A couple of heroes and three terradons) My aim was to finish them all off before Cities of Sigmar was released and I painted a lot of my Lizardmen up in the month or so leading up to the Cities of Sigmar release. As well as these three large models and the hero, I finished off/based most of the large and skirmish units.

Unfortunately, I did precious little to my Home-Brew Space Marine Chapter the Blood Guard this year – other than a single Captain and a Librarian (Neither of which are based as I’m in a similar position with my Cities of Sigmar army with them; their bases need addressing) I’d like to pick the Blood Guard up again in 2020 and get a lot more of them painted and finished off – too many base coated red models with no work done on them are making me feel guilty!

I did however, paint a lot of other Space Marines this year. My Shadowspear Mortifactors. I am the most proud of these models and their bases and I think they signify a ‘level up’ in my miniature collection. They’re some very fine models but I am most proud of their bases as I made them out of a box of Citadel skulls and some old Tomb King bits.

2019 was a bit of an odd year, hobby wise. I felt very spread thin. I was hobbying, drawing, writing, parenting, etc. And while I look back on this post, I don’t feel like I have painting and finished nearly enough to be happy, I then recall that I’ve finished over 70 bust commissions ontop of drawing my own artwork (and other commissions) so it’s no wonder that my hobby fell behind a bit!

My goals for 2020 are to finish off some of my part-started collections (before I add too them). My daemons are so close to being finished, for example. As well as some of the random models I have brought. (I have a pin-up commissar for my Astra Militarum that I am really excited about painting!) As things stand at the moment, I am thinking of cutting down on the drawing – I’ve not been enjoying it as I once did – and being more productive on the hobby front instead. I’ve also got the book reviewing blog which I am enjoying so I’d like to keep that going in 2020. Also putting in the pledge to be more active in the hobby community on here; commenting more on others blogs, etc. I’m excited about the prospect of the New Year.

I was brought this painting handle for Christmas – I really like the GW painting handles, they help a lot – so I was thrilled that I’d be able to paint even faster with this red one! (Also helps cause more than half my armies are red!)

The Eternal Bookcase

Title: The Flight of the Eisenstein
Author: James Swallow
Published by: Black Library
Publication date:  March 2007
Genre: Science Fiction/War
Pages:  397
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Collection

Buy the Book – Amazon

“Having witnessed the terrible massacre on Isstvan III, Death Guard Captain Garro seizes a ship and sets a course for Terra to warn the Emperor of Horus’s treachery.” – Black Library’s synopsis of The Flight of the Eisenstein

This review contains mild spoilers.

Continuing the run of Horus Heresy book reviews with the fourth book in a series of 50+ this is an ongoing saga that I am reviewing on The Eternal Bookcase and I am hoping to pair up with a reading buddy after this one to help encourage and smooth things along. This is the second time I have read The Flight of the Eisenstein and much like the previous instalments of the…

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The Eternal Bookcase

Title: Spear of the Emperor
Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Published byBlack Library
Publication date:   26 Dec. 2019
Genre: Science Fiction/War
Pages:  386
Format: e-Book
Source: Net Galley

Buy the book Amazon

“The Emperor’s Spears are a Chapter on the edge of destruction, last watchmen over the Elara’s Veil nebula. Now, the decisions of one man, Amadeus Kaias Incarius of the Mentor Legion, will determine the Chapter’s fate… “

This is the first book I’ve been approved by a publisher to read via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Spear of the Emperor is a chronicle about the Emperors Spears Space Marine chapter written in the view of Anuradha, a chapter slave in service to Lieutenant Commander Amadeus Kaias Incarius of the Mentor Legion who has been sent to the ‘wrong’ side of Imperial Space to touch base with the Emperors Spears to see how they’re…

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I wanted to make a post showing all the busts that I’ve drawn this year for various clients! I’ve been feeling a little burned out on drawing them lately, maybe this is why!?

These have all been wonderful to work on and have certainly kept me going! It’s been great seeing what people have asked for and which factions keep cropping up – but I am not a machine and I feel that I need to move onto other adventures for a while in order to come back refreshed.

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