Sad times

It is a sad day indeed. I already lost my little notebook which had my future blog topic posts written in it. Although there wasn’t that much in it, it’s thrown me off my stride. How am I going to know who to write about next! I guess I’ll just have to use another note […]



It always, always makes me happy when someone else joins in on my fangirling. I’ve not made a full post about him yet, but this little gem of overheard conversation from my weekend away made me laugh. After spending the week away from him and his arrival at the front door, my boyfriend arrives. My […]


Weekly Necromunda Report: 2

Sadly, there isn’t actually anything new to report this week as I have been away from my models. There is a lot of planning going on; a lot of ideas flowing to make up for the numbers in my gang. I believe there is a Grammaton cleric on the way, or possibly Malcom Reynolds. However, […]