Hello everyone, my name is Jenn.
I find bios a very strange thing to write – why does everyone need to know exactly where I grew up and what I spent my childhood doing? It was pretty much how I imagine most peoples childhoods being, with my parents and older sister playing in the park, ponds, hills and hollows that were all within distance of the house in Peterborough.

I studied Illustration (BA Hons) at the University of Lincoln as a ‘Mature Student,’ I intended to study for an MA afterwards; which I enrolled in and attended for the first quarter but decided that the academic route wasn’t at all for me.

Since then I have dabbled with art in various forms but you know, I’ve still no idea where I would like to take my art even after all this time. Right now I am into this whole ‘Doodling’ thing and would love to see where it takes me.

Somewhere along the lines I met my partner Elliot and we got married after 7 years together. We now live together north of Manchester in a little town called Bury where I look after our son Marcus; who keeps me very busy but inspired to keep going with the fun aspect of my art in the hopes that he’ll one day find them as enjoyable as I do!

I strongly believe that no one has to have any formal education in order to be an artist. Artwork is the one ‘free’ gifts that someone can bring to the world. From a young age we’re all creative beings and that sticks with some of us, with others it doesn’t but I don’t believe that art is for ‘privileged’ people who lace it with peculiar reasoning – if my time on my MA course taught me anything. It was that.