The Test of Faith – Thomas Parrott

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Title:The Test of Faith
Author: Thomas Parrott
Published by: Black Library
Publication date:Dec 22nd, 2019
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Black Library

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A mission to cleanse a xenos infestation from a vast mining carrier turns into a test of faith and purity for a pair of Dark Angels Chaplains.

The Test of Faith is a short story by Thomas Parrott, published by Black Library featuring the Dark Angels chapter.

At first glance The Test of Faith seems to have a rather basic plot, a squad of Adeptus Astartes are sent to cleanse mortal, heretic, defenders of a mobile mining vehicle led by Interrogator Chaplain Raguel and second-generation Chaplain Hadariel. We’re given a solid cast of characters to read about who have enough personality of their own to stand out from one another which is rather remarkable for…

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