The Devastation of Baal – Guy Haley

The Eternal Bookcase

Title: The Devastation of Baal
: Guy Haley
Published by:Black Library
Publication date: 30 Nov. 2017
Genre: Science Fiction/War

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“Baal is besieged! The alien horror of Hive Fleet Leviathan has reached the Blood Angels home world, and their entire existence is under threat. As the sons of Sanguinius gather, the battle for the fate of their bloodline begins…”

I was given a copy of The Devastation of Baal by NetGalley in return for an honest review.

I admit, when I put this book onto my Kobo to read I was a bit cautious, I have only encountered one book by Guy Haley before and it was in my ‘Did not Finish’ pile; I don’t have a review for the book (Dark Imperium) on the Eternal Bookcase as I got the book before I started doing reviews…

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  1. […] I remember that I’d recently read The Devastation of Baal and that the Blood Guard (although they’ve never admitted it until now) are Blood Angels […]


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