I’ve rather fallen off the cart when it comes to personal artwork these past few weeks and honestly, I don’t recall what I have shared and what I haven’t.

I went through a spell of working with some of my ‘main’ characters and designing them up for a canon universe, but honestly, since Covid-19 hit the UK I’ve barely even thought about drawing, let alone anything story based. I’m only drawing at the moment because I took on a bust commission for someone wanting to be an Emperors Spear and the people who sent them my way said such lovely things I felt mean saying no – that and I figure I can fit one bust in my time-schedule right now (I’m not officially open for commissions right now – just saying)

Anyway, back to the picture at hand. I redesigned my oldest character, Torquemada to take on a bit of an identity of his own, rather then being eternally linked to Hellraiser as a fan-character. Making him worship a deity connected to the world that he and Skaejre inhabit. The deity being Serpentis, who resides at the middle of the world, a Goddess dedicated to the manipulation of the flesh who, in return for his loyalty, grants Torquemada magical prowess. His title is High-Bailiff as Serpentis considers all flesh hers, rented out to mortals who only waste their potential on banal pursuits.

I know before the world went a bit crazy I was trying to push my anthropomorphic works to look a bit better and feel more ‘complete’ than the pin-up style I had been clinging too, but I feel like I am once again out of the loop and not really sure if I am really ready to plunge myself back into anything too deep and meaningful yet.

2 Replies to “Reconfigured”

  1. […] with Zoel NoOne on dA. We were doing some world building together. Some of which you can read about here. This picture was going to be the start of Faith (The fox) learning some sort of magics under the […]


  2. […] look that a lot of them have and refer back too? I’ve already started on that direction with Torquemada who looks like some sort of Cleric/Warlock – it might be fun to explore some of my other […]


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