Bustin’ out

I wanted to make a post showing all the busts that I’ve drawn this year for various clients! I’ve been feeling a little burned out on drawing them lately, maybe this is why!?

These have all been wonderful to work on and have certainly kept me going! It’s been great seeing what people have asked for and which factions keep cropping up – but I am not a machine and I feel that I need to move onto other adventures for a while in order to come back refreshed.

5 Replies to “Bustin’ out”

  1. By heck you have been busy… awesome work

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  2. […] Bustin’ Out @ The Tragic life and thoughts of a Fangirl – This is cool! The author has done a ton of Space Marine busts, along with some other 40K characters. There’s some nice artwork here. Go take a look. […]


  3. […] I have painting and finished nearly enough to be happy, I then recall that I’ve finished over 70 bust commissions ontop of drawing my own artwork (and other commissions) so it’s no wonder that my hobby fell […]


  4. […] over on Twitter. It’s the first and last one I am intending on doing this year. I did a lot of these last year and they were great fun to do and I enjoyed the challenge each one […]


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