Good evening, Boss-man.

Managed to get this guy finished up the the ‘table-top’ standard that I’ve been working on lately. He is the Leader of the Shadowspear boxed-set of Primaris Marines.

I don’t feel like I have much to say about these models that I’ve not already said. I’m looking forward to doing a test base and getting that part of them finished off and then bringing them up to a higher standard than they currently are. I feel like I’ve been rushing them to get them to this level so it’ll be nice to go back and work into them at a much slower pace; but at least they’ll look better than having no paint on them at all while I work on them!

5 Replies to “Good evening, Boss-man.”

  1. Looking good Jenn 👍

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  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    He looks great- mean and in charge.



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  3. Azazel says:

    Yeah, looking good. I’m a fan of marines that nod a little more towards realistic schemes. Of course, I also like regular, colourful ones as well…


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