Another one crossed off the Lizardmen to-do list – it’s always satisfying to get a larger model finished. I’ve had the base lizard of this done for a good few years but was always a bit intimidated by the Solar Engine on the back – it was a needless intimidation because it was actually pretty easy to assemble and get stuck on; a lot simpler than I had feared.

If anything, I wish the green skin of the Bastiladon was more vibrant. Having said that then it might be dipping into ‘it burns my eyes’ territory and no one wants that (Unless you want to blind your opponent so you win games by default)

The only thing I am rather sad about is the fact that one of the skinks spears snapped and I couldn’t get it to clue on straight – but no one would notice that if I hadn’t mentioned it!

I am looking forward to picking up something a bit more robust than skinks, so next in the Lizardmen line-up is my two Kroxigors, one official Games Workshop model, another than my husband picked up for me during one of his tournament days; and I have absolutely no idea the manufacturer of it; but it looks like it fits the bill.

8 Replies to “Bastiladon”

  1. Looking great Jenn. Lizardmen certainly got some upgrades since I last played with them. I like the quasi Glyptodon look on this one.

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  2. I have found a nice beastie on Thingiverse that I am going to shrink down and print… It does look rather funky, the 28mm one is huge, luckily mine will be at 60% size

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  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    That is some very nice work.



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  4. Azazel says:

    Looking good! Nice mottled and worn effects on the carapace-scales as well.

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  5. Mikko says:

    Beautiful pop on that yellow! Just discovered this blog and subscribed to the feed, looking forward to more.

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