Out of the darkness the Zombie did crawl

I remember making up I Zombie! He is another of my old as sin characters and he was made up in 2003, while I was still at The College of West Anglia studying Animal Management. I was sat in the ‘canteen’ with my friend Kat, drawing while waiting for the time to get the bus came along. There was a duke-box in the corner which had two CDs in it that had our taste in music in it. Of these CDs there was a mere handful of sings that we actually liked. One of them was Demon Speeding by Rob Zombie

How sad is it that I never coloured this picture?

I drew a lot of I Zombie at this time; he was my answer to a lot of the Marilyn Manson worshipping artists out there that I was aware of; it seemed everywhere you looked you could see a furry character called Manson, Twiggy or some other such wannabe, edgelord character!

Unlike a lot of my character, I Zombie hasn’t actually changed over the years in which I have had him; not fundamentally. Although he has evolved as my art style and skills have – which I am glad about.

Another big inspiration for I Zombie is The Circus of Horrors, a ‘Freak show’ style stage show that I have had the pleasure to see a fair few times in years gone by; the last time while I was still at University in Lincoln. Each time I come back from seeing the stage show I feel this inspirational wave of euphoria and the urge to draw I Zombie! The character is meant to he a Ring Master of his own warped stage show, so it’s no wonder that the Circus of Horrors inspires me where I Zombie is concerned.

I’ve not done a vast amount with I Zombie lately and inspiration for him has waned in recent years; mostly because of a lack of resources to draw upon when trying to work with him. I did revive his stage show for a while in the form of Carnivale Macabre: Nocturne.

“CM:N is a multi-leveled adult night club owned by Torquemada and I Zombie.
The venue currently has two floors – the top being an establishment of class and merit – showing off the latest in eroticism and intrigue; with high class acts from several lovely ladies and gentlemen. (As well as the more banal and basic of pleasures.)
The basement is home to an Industrial and Alternative Nightclub; overseen by the hellish figure of Torquemada. Here there’s the more basic functions of a nightclub (dancing, drinking) intermingled with displays of body modifications, shibari arts, alternative fashion works and other such more elaborate displays.”

This was when I was trying to get a common thread/theme and/or story going with my characters. I don’t know if this is something that I am going to try to continue or if I should plough forwards with my other ‘verse; Pillsbrooke – in which I Zombie is an orderly that dishes out the medication to the patients, so he’s revered as this miraculous drug-dealer type of character that everyone more-or-less worships. Both staff and patients.

I don’t think I Zombie will ever go anywhere for the long term; I know I will have ‘phases’ with him, like I always have done, but it’s always nice to look back on him and his evolution over the time I have had him – and I’m eager to share more of the artwork I have done and collected of him over the years with you too.


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