Once again, things here at TragicFangirl are changing. As I have started doing my doodles again (and they don’t really fit in here) I have thought about the future of this place too. I’m not going to delete or remove my blog; but I am thinking of keeping it more personal and hobby focused. Sharing all things hobby related as and when I do them, rather than trying to force myself to think up posts and ‘push’ it.

I’ll still be happy to collaborate with anyone and feature anyone and everyone that comes my way and asks for a feature, so please don’t be afraid to suggest working together on something or for a feature.

I’ll be going through the categories and tags and sort them all out to reflect the different armies and games that I play and paint so that they’re easier to find for both myself and for those who are looking for something specific.

But my art focus, for the time being at least, is going to be on my doodle style.

I want to add a last little ‘Thank you’ for those that have shown me love and support over the years on here. It’s not goodbye. It’s not over. It’s just a change of direction and pace.