Noise Marine

I’ve not shared anything art related for a little while – my ideas for artistic adventures are currently being mulled over – but I realised I’d not shared this on here yet.

I’ve had my fair share of struggles when it comes to drawing Space Marines and seeing as this guy was a present for Heretic Deb. (I couldn’t get the gift over in time, so I drew this up as a replacement with a voucher)

I don’t know how much I’ll be carrying on with drawing Space Marines, as I find them very frustrating – I enjoyed the challenge while it lasted, but I think I really need to venture out into my own thing again without resorting to Fan Art like this – so I thought I would share this one on here as a sort of ‘Last Hurrah’

4 thoughts on “Noise Marine

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    1. Awww, there wasn’t that much to miss!
      I’d like to think I’ll still dip my toes in with WH (And SM’s) every now and again – I’m a sucker for punishment clearly!
      I just feel that I should prioritise the ‘Anthropomorphic characters in armour’ idea that I’ve been mulling over a bit, to see if it works for me.

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