I finally knuckled down today and posted my final farewell journal to DeviantArt.

I’ve tried several times over the past few months and weeks to get back into the swing of things on DevArt, but I honestly think it’s all just too loaded with negative connotations for me to enjoy. Previously, whenever I have taken personal breaks from the platform I have used an alternative account to moderate groups. This time, I have passed them on to someone who will look after them properly.

So, I put all my artwork on there into storage am leaving my journal message up and am washing my hands of it. dA has been a great place to be a part of, but I don’t know how it fits into my future. I’ve given it some careful thought but ultimately what made my mind up was looking over my blog here. I was looking for some information on one of my characters and only found a single post on them, despite the fact that I had done a whole lot more. My priorities were elsewhere. And that felt wrong.

So. Moving forward, I’m only going to be found in three places.


For a long time I have been trying to simplify my online life and interactions. I always wondered how I could keep my ideas and characters going while limiting myself, but the answer was staring me in the face all along.

And with the free time, I’ll be able to actually get more done!

It’s all positive.
I promise