Where did this pin-up thing come from?


If you hadn’t noticed I’ve kind of gone a bit on a pin-up style art kick and because there are always people out there that’ll try and take credit for whatever it is you do – I wanted to share what got me back into doing them.

I found this sketch book from when I was studying my Masters; we’re in the middle of moving house so it’s dragged up a whole host of things that I’d forgotten about.

The sketch book was pretty simple really, in fact, a cheapy from The Works, but it fit the purpose of my needs at the time.

I was looking at what sort of animals I saw when looking at different people and drawing them in the same pose next to the picture that inspired them.

It was an interesting idea at the time and something I’d like to do again. I think they’d be good for warm up sketches and practise purposes.

I’m pleased I found them though because they gave me a bit of a reminder of my own art style and the direction I am now heading in, just thought it would be something fun to share with everyone here.

Have any of my readers ever had any ‘revelations’ like this? Reminders of directions they’d once walked in, that have prompted them to ‘get back on track?


One thought on “Where did this pin-up thing come from?”

  1. Love the pin ups, and seeing some of your earlier work 😀 To answer your questions about revelations, I guess you could say first of all, going back to blogging. I was inspired by your posts, and then by your course youre doing so I thought id do a blogging course too, since all too often I don’t know what to write about first lol!

    Another revelation is wanting to learn French again, something I realised on the weekend after seeing an old French show for kids which I watched as a kid on the childrens channel, in addition to Sharky&George, which is also a French cartoon. I realised that in addition to Japanese manga and anime, some other great animation and comics are French, again from my childhood, which include Tintin, Asterix and Lucky Luke.


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