This is more or less where I fell down last time I tried this Blogging Univeristy course. I never like to think of myself or my blog as a ‘brand’ or something to be sold – it feels far, far too personal for that. I’m not here to make money from my blog, I am here to write and share my thoughts and creations with the world (or whoever would like to see them)

So being objective about myself and how I would like to be seen is really difficult – I like the idea of being a casual person online, like, it’s be great to have this little following of people that ‘dig’ my stuff, but are also really helpful and question what I do! And, to be fair, I think my blog already reflects this ideal.

A lot of the other stuff, I think I did when I looked at this course before – streamlined my tags, categories and things. So yeah. I don’t think there is much more I can do for todays tasks.