Scan 45

This week brings about something a bit different. I am away from home this week so I have had to leave all my art materials at home – or nothing else would fit in the car! I am staying with my parents in Sutton on Sea so my Mother and I went to the local Art Group in Mablethorpe.

It was a wonderful excuse to crack on with a request that I have had on my plate for a while. A logo design for my Cooky-in-Law for his Microlight Airplane, The Red Sparrow.


Unfortunately, I picked up a pastel coloured pencil and the image smudged so I’ve not been able to colour it properly. and again, as I am away from home I’ve not able to scan the sketch and render the image digitally, but thats the next step for the image. I’ll present the final image as soon as I am able.

I know this is a bit different compared to the other works I have presented before, but my ‘background’ is in Illustration so things like this do some a bit more naturally to me than painted artworks of an abstract nature; and while I do enjoy sketching and designing like this, I feel like I need to take my artwork in a different direction in order to help ‘find myself’ again. Even if that journey does bring me full circle back to more illustration style work.

I don’t know! As long as I am being creative, I feel happiness!