I got to admit, I’ve been feeling a bit directionless lately. 

Since closing down all my social media gallery spaces, there has been something missing. It’s been hard to stick by the decision to leave DeviantART, but I still think it was the right choice overall. I’ve missed the interaction a lot as well as the decent people that I once knew on there. I’m keeping in touch with a few of them via Twitter and it’s been a lot of good fun drawing for and with those few. 

I keep looking around for somewhere more suitable, gallery wise, but not come across anything that seems to fit me yet. 

I miss blogging as well, I totally burned out on posting every day on my other blog, so I just archived it here instead. This blog has always felt more like home to me, even if the fangirling has long stopped! When I get to the laptop (rather than the iPad) I’ll post about an awesome blog that you should all follow that I had been enjoying lately that reminds me a bit of what I was like 6 years ago! 

I’m going to try to get back into reading as well. So I can write some reviews. Just get back into the swing of things again.

Also, more art. But I draw a lot of boobs these days so not sure what I have in the ways of age appropriate content!!