Friday Feature – Dawby’s Doodles and Dithering

Hi Gang,

I am really excited to actually be able to write my first Friday Feature.

I approached Dawby via their twitter account – I don’t know if you can actually IM on WordPress – and asked if I could feature them on my blog, and excitingly, they’ve agreed! So bare with me if this feature is a little ropey, it’s the first one I’ve written for this blog (And hopefully the first of many)

img_1989-1Everything I appreciate about art is displayed in Dawby’s blog! That might come across as a strange statement, saying someone else’s blog something that sum up how I feel about art, but it’s so true here. If I could start my own artistic journey again, I would find absolutely no shame in following in her footsteps – and I feel absolutely wonderful to be able to see their artwork growing and the ideas that they have and share with us. Once
upon a time, I started a Masters Course in Design and Art Direction, I’ll admit for the first time here, I hated it. It was part way along the discussion of why an artist painted a sky blue that I realised how much I hated it! There is no need for that stupid discussion around artwork. Maybe, that artist painted the sky blue, because the sky is actually blue!?

img_1986-1However, it did make me realise and think one thing. Art shouldn’t be this high-brow, elitist subject. Most people have the ability to pick up a pencil and make marks across a page. And it is exactly this sentiment that makes me appreciate Dawby’s works and blog all the more. The enthusiasm to create and improve what she is drawing as a self taught artist. And this enthusiasm shows in the near daily updates (Which I look forward to seeing in my reader) and the exerts that express their opinions on the art piece.
I first came across their blog through the WordPress reader (which is an amazing tool img_1979-1when it comes to finding like-minded people) and they were drawing a series of houses and I liked their quirkiness and the colours used on the drawings. There is a magic in their creation and I love the personality that the houses have because of the choices that Dawby has made when creating them.

Dawby is on a wonderful, expressive journey with their art work and I find myself looking forward to her updates more and more to see which steps they take next and I really hope that you find as much enjoyment in their art and blog as I do.

Much Love


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