Hi Gang,

I hinted at this in one of my previous posts, but it’s now very much active! I’ve sent out a couple of ‘starter feature requests’ to some fellow artistic bloggers, but I would love it if some people I am not following would like to get involved as well.

I have added a form for a ‘Friday Feature’ on my main menu bar, and I am looking for other artists to feature here on my blog.

I know, as a whole, blogs are meant to be personal and for the most part this blog still is. Yet, I also feel that the blog so far has been deeply impersonal and as a means to get away from that I would like to share the works and words of others who are in a similar field as myself – namely the creative, visual, arts – so, if you would like to have a post on my blog dedicated to you and yours feel free to fill out the (very brief) form and I shall write up something completely positive about you, your blog and your arts.

Much Love