Hi Gang,

Ive made a few decisions over this past week about the direction my blog is going to head in. I’m making a more clear schedule of ‘feature’ posts and ideas, rather than sticking explicitly to posting a daily doodle.

There are some days, I still need to get a few ideas for – namely the weekend where I feel I should schedule something in advance as my online time isn’t always as easy to manage during these days – here is what I have so far.

  • Monday – Doodle Post – Replacing the ‘Daily Doodles’
  • Tuesday – Tell tale Tuesdays – I am thinking of holding a Q&A for Tuesdays, if there is enough interest in it. Where you can either use the contact form or comments to ask me something (anything) and I’ll write a post the next week to answer.
  • Wednesday – WIP Wednesday – Where I show larger scale projects as they progress
  • Thursday – Doodle Post – Replacing the ‘Daily Doodles’
  • Friday – Feature Friday – Where I feature other blogs
  • Saturday – Im thinking I’ll show any finished, larger pieces on this day?
  • Sunday – Sleepy Sunday? – Day of rest? A day where I may not post, but if I do it might just be some random thoughts? Like I said, I am not entirely sure about the weekend yet.

The reason I’ve done come across this idea,s is because although I adore sharing my doodles on a daily basis with everyone, I also feel that I am no being able to express my own voice and post anything that my readers can react and respond too. The feedback I have had so far on my blog has been overwhelmingly positive and I am absolutely humbled by everyone who has liked, shared and commented on my posts. It really does mean a lot to me. When I tried sharing my art the first time around, I felt like I was treading water and everything was an uphill struggle, this time I am just so pleased it’s a lot more relaxed and enjoyable and I am starting to make some wonderful connections.

Thank you everyone.

Much Love