Blogging Futures

Hi Gang,

Im starting to think of different things for my blog – I am feeling that just posting my Daily doodles is a little impersonal and while I alive sharing them all with you and the lovely feedback and welcome I’ve received so far I would love to be able to share something a bit deeper than a fleeting post.

So I am thinking maybe I should add a few other elements here as well.

– Feature Friday – I would like to share the artwork of fellow artists on here. I’d like to feature some of the blogs I follow so I can bring them to my readers as well. Being a self centred blogger isn’t something I would like to come across as, so I am thinking reaching out to the wider community of WordPress will help makes some awesome connections.

– Collaboration – I’m hoping that the above idea brings these up for me. I love working with others, but they’ll only come in time.

– Bigger doodle posts – Rather than a daily post, I’m thinking of doing a bigger post maybe once or twice a week rather than posting a single post a day.

I would really love to hear what you think of these ideas as I would like to grow into this blog and keep it going for a long time, but I’d like it to work for my readers as well.

So, please, Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Much Love



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