New work (in progress) 

Hi gang.

I have had this canvas lurking around for a long, long time. I’ve tried doing several things with it now; mostly trying to come up with an abstract piece for the bedroom in various shades of brown. Which hasn’t work either time I’ve tried it and turned the canvas a rather sloppy pooh colour. So I axed that idea and slapped a whole load of blue and white acrylic on it for a first coat so that I can do some thing else on it instead when it is dry – something that I am more comfortable with. Whoever said abstract was easy, lied!

I was a little excited and wanted to share my progress picture with you all.

I also wanted to ask you all something. Do any of you use marker pens? And if so, what sort do you use? So far I’ve only used Sharpies for the doodle aspect of my work, but I’m not so sure they really stand up to the challenge. He nibs fray easily and they very quickly lose their quality. Don’t get me wrong they’re good for other surfaces, like card and thick paper, but I’m not so sure about textured canvas. So if anyone has any tips or suggestions, I am all ears.

Much Love


6 Replies to “New work (in progress) ”

  1. I haven’t worked much with canvas, but I have done some work with paint pens on canvas, which really is easier for me. This is because I doodle a lot and I like the way I can manipulate the lines better than with a paint brush. Have you used those?
    Other than that, make sure that you use markers with Archival Ink. This is important for artists because the ink won’t fade or turn brown over time.

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    • Jenn Coulbeck says:

      I’ve recently brought myself some acrylic pens, but I’ve not had the chance to try them out yet unfortunately. Something to try out in the near future.
      I’ve also got some Posca pens that I am looking forward to trying out.
      Do you have a favourite brand of marker?

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  2. […] my art isn’t something I have ever done or considered before. So with the exhibition and my WIP canvas in mind I settled down to do some doodling with a Maritime […]


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