Well then.

I came here initials with the idea of posting about my experiences on a Furry social media site called Ferzu, but they weren’t very positive. Despite my profile saying I was married he first message I get was someone trying to hit on me. I said i wasn’t interested in what they were offering and moved on, though they were somewhat persistent.

I noticed a feature of the site was that you could look up Furs that were local. I saw someone was online and lived in the next town across. I look at their profile, see they are a fellow artist, but only interested in men. I figure I’m not there looking for romantics so send them a message. But just get met with resistance and hostility. I leave it at that and generally figure that the site isn’t really for me. Before I close my account I give this persons profile a last looking over and see a ‘I’m going to be alone forever’ post saying they have no one to talk too. Not surprised with their attitude to be honest! 

Once again I am somewhat put off the whole furry fandom. I’ll just stick to drawing furrys and leave it at that.

In other news I’ve been drawing a fair bit and managed to do some art trades. I’ll share the art soon, but it’s on my Patreon account already. I’ve got a couple of commissions to finish off then I am thinking of trying to do some more trades again as it’s been a while since I did any. 


The kiddo is currently growing his top teeth, poor thing. He has needed a lot of cuddles today. 

5 Replies to “Well then.”

  1. Excuse my ignorance but what is a furry?

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  2. They are also people who dress up as animals as well. Like mascot costumes, etc.

    Also wanted to thank you for your like on our site. Noticed you like Rambo and figured you might have missed our first article on the Rambo First Blood Part II trailer.


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