So I have started a few courses here on WordPress, because I’d like to take my blogging that one step further – I even brought myself a little Asus Transformerbook in order to help me blog more – and one of the suggestions is to write about my blogging goals.

I’ve done this sort of thing before, with other aspects of my life; writing out goals and seeing how many of them I can get done before the end of the year – mostly with help from yearly workbooks by Leonie Dawson; I didn’t buy it this year due to a rather big mark-up in price and I didn’t see enough fundamental changes; but I digress already.

My goal is to get 100 followers in three months. It’s a pretty big number in blogging terms, especially for someone who is as little known as I am, but I think it might be reachable. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and be as focused as I can to reach my goal.

As another goal, I would like to give the blog a bit more of a direction; while I have blogged a lot about my Fangirling past, I feel that it’s time for that chapter to come to an end and for me to look towards the future rather than a nostalgic past (I am sure it’ll still creep in now and again) but I would like to write more reviews of things; books, places, movies and video games – as I feel that this is content that actually has some sort of meaning to it. What are your thoughts?

The big question really is how do I reach other people? Commenting, sharing on social media?
I have alrady spent a lot of time streamlining my categories to make the place a lot better organised!
There is clearly a lot more to this whole blogging thing than I initially thought, even though I have been writing on this blog for over three years now!
It’s an exciting time ahead and I am looking forward to it.