Internet Detox – Day Seven


I had the blues.

I needed a distraction today, so played a heap of Dragon Age again. Soon I’ll be needing a Dragon Age detox!!

I also read about the next step in my watercolour learning process and it looks a lot like it gets complicated quickly.

I’ll be giving the next step a go today and report on it shortly.

Most of the day was pretty uneventful though – it felt like one of those days I should just bury my head in the sand and not achieve anything major. Even the evening was a bit of a bust. We did the food shopping after taking Barley for a walk and then watched Game of Thrones.

Is anyone else finding this season a little lack lustre compared to the others?

As far as the detox is concerned, I made it a week. A week without doing anything other than coming here for five minutes to blog.

I feel a load better for it and now feel that I can focus my time on the internet a hell of a lot better.
So tomorrow I shall start introducing a few websites that I am allowing myself to go back to.
Mostly DeviantArt and Facebook – for my pages.
I’ll see how it all goes and decide if I am winning or not.

It’s been really good to do this though and I am glad that I did.
It’s really helped me figure out what it important and what isn’t.
And most of all, it’s really helped me bond better with the world beyond the internet.

I can’t recommend it enough to any internet addicts!

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