Another dream post, sorry.
Two nights ago I had a dream about Matthew – I am sure I’ve explained who he is in a previous post but for quick clarification he was my childhood friend who decided to cut ties with his past. Including me – I have been haunted by dreams of reconciliation ever since to the point where at times I have believed that we are still friends. This one however seemed to be a bit different.
We were walking down Lincoln Road. We used to browse the second hand shops along there looking for manga videos and new games. As we were walking back towards his house we started talking as though nothing had happened between us, but I pointed out that this was nothing but a dream and when I woke up everything would be lost again – but somehow I concluded that was okay. I had my dreams and memories with him and that was all.
So last night comes around and I am thinking the topic is finally at peace. Another dream with Matthew comes around and it’s the first meeting since we parted ways. He was with another friend of ours back in the day Guy and I was with someone but I don’t actually know who. We met in Queensgate Costa. I had an A3 binder with me and initially I let everyone talk while I was at another table. In the folder was a map of a battlefield and I had to organise some troops, where they would be stationed (I can guess this was a 40K Astra Militarum influence) After some coaxing I joined them and Matthew started to explain what had happened and what he had been through. It’s hard to relate to someone who pushes you away completely, but I did my best with explaining that I understood some of his problems due to my own.
Thankfully I have not just been having dreams about him though. I did a spot of exploring in my dreams not so long back. It was a work day during this dream but for some reason I had decided to go to Wales – now I cannot drive so somehow it made sense to go via boat. (It really doesn’t)


Only the boat I hired was property of one Petyr Baelish. Going one way was fine, but when we had docked I realised that if I didn’t get back I would be late for work. In my panic I went back to the boat and literally begged Baelish to get me back across the rivers to work. There was some haggling but we came up with an agreement that would work for the both of us…

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