Or is it?

Sometimes I think that Fangirling is a part of my life that I should move on from – but no matter how much I try to deny what goes on in my brain the more insistent it comes back. I’ve had John Shooks come back to pester me about writing something to do with him. Varys is also poking at the back of my mind to think something up involving him, as well as my Original Character series… it’s just so demanding and I want to work on them all at once and end up doing nothing!

This is on top of trying to build my own Artsy Business and working at the market.

I feel like life is looping around in circles and nothing is really getting done; it’s burnout and it’s stress and it’s making me feel crazy. I don’t feel like I can switch off or relax.
And time keeps on flying by – where are we in the year already!?
And I’ve done very little other than chase myself around in circles and sitting here bloging about it isn’t going to help either!

But wow.
How did I get talking about that!?

I’ll go bury my head in something creative for a while!