It’s not like I sit about the house and consciously think; “I’m not going to update my Blog today,” that would be daft and very silly.

I think it’s more that I am actually running out of things to say, but then I look down at my chest and notice that I am wearing the new Rambo T-Shirt that my sister brought me for Christmas and think… maybe I’ve not.

I recently read a book, by Graham Masterton called Edgewise – I have been a big fan of Mastertons writing for a good while now. I was introduced to him by my ex’s Father who used to read the books to his son as bed-time stories. It was initially the Night Warriors series that I enjoyed; mainly because I was a Freddy Krueger fan at the time and there was some similarities between the two but I digress.

Back to Edgewise, the book itself wasn’t overly stunning – it had it’s moments but as the book went on it went a bit downhill. However, it did introduce me to a character that I just adored. The wonderfully named John Shooks – A Private Detective who helps the main protagonist; Lily Blake, – with Native American links.
I can’t put my finger on exactly why I liked this character, he was weird and apparently smelled of old carrots – maybe it is that attention to detail? Which is something that Masterton always seems to be able to get across in his characters, even if they’re just minor characters that you know something tragic is going to befall them; you always feel something for them. They’re a real character not just a name. I’d love to read more about Mr. Shooks – maybe some of his adventures before Edgewise.

Who knows, but if anything he has made me remember another character of Mastertons that I am loathe to admit I am near head over heels for.

Harry Erskine – Erskine the Incredible. He has appeared in a good few of Mastertons novels – Starting with The Manitou. I’m pretty sure I’ve read this book, but Masterton has written so many books before I was a mere thought that reading them in any chronological order is downright near impossible. Whenever I pick one of them up of my shelf, I always say to my partner; “I think I’ve read this one before,” but continue on regardless anyway and thoroughly enjoy myself!

But, yes, Harry.
What is it about him that I just keep picking up the books and reading about him.
Maybe that… he is just so normal, so regular to read about.
He’s not some insanely fearless warrior fighting off evil spirits with one hand and conjuring spirit guides with the other. If anything, he just stumbles his way through his life and problems and bad things just keep happening around him. Even though I can’t always relate or sympathise with him. He can be a bit of an idiot at times in the way that you have to ask him “How did you not see that coming?”
I’m yet to read his latest instalment, but I confess, I’m looking forward to it. I have one of his books installed on my Kobo at the moment; The Djinn, and it’s different to his usual adventures – thus far not an evil Indian Spirit in sight, an arabian one instead. So who knows where things shall be heading?

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