I want to share a secret with you all, it’s a big secret though so it’s difficult to come out with.

“Not all women are dainty and like feminine things.”

There. I said it.
Hard to believe isn’t it!

Though, I do believe these women are among the minority of their gender. That’s okay, it doesn’t make us any less of a woman just because we like video gaming, not stitching! It’s okay to have an affinity towards the masculine things that you adore! You’re still you, and you’re still a wonderful person for it!

If you want to paint little figures and fight war-games, then you go do that if it makes you happy.
If you want to throw yourself off a bridge and bungie jump, you do that. If it makes you happy!

And you know what?

I am going to follow my own advice here, I’m going to do those things that make me happy and feel like I am living my happiest life that I can, because life is far, far too short to be miserable in.