I’ve really not updated this blog enough this year. Shame on me!

Thankfully, I have that all taken care of now.
For the longest time I have felt like I’ve been the subject of Blogger Personality Disorder! It’s been difficult in a way. Deleting one blog, undeleting it, starting another one, deleting that blog, restarting another one… I think you get the point.

That bridge between art and personal has always felt a little difficult, but there is something that Leonie Dawson always states in her advice.

Do whats right for you.
If it doesn’t feel right, try something else.

So, I am implementing this monumental advice with my blogs – the rest have gone and this one remains.

Hense the slight change in title to include my name with it – so that people can find my thoughts as well as any future artwork.
On the artwork front, things have been a little slow; I’ve recently turned to doing a little spot of writing instead of drawing. Even when I feel a little blocked with visual creativity I like to be doing something creative with any characters that I might have stored up inside.

I’ve been readdressing Kingdom of Miracien over the past few days off and it’s going rather well.
I just never really know what to do with things once I have written them; not when it comes to original writing/characters.
Maybe putting excerts on here would be a good idea? Might get some more use out of my blog that way!