Hello world!
It’s been a while since I put anything down on here, so thought I’d better say something – in case you all fear that I’ve dropped off the face of the internet or something silly like that!

On the art front not a lot has been happening; which feels really strange and I am rather ashamed of this fact.
However, I have been doing some work on my Kingdom of Miracien story project, getting little snippets written where I can.

It’s one of those ideas that I would like to see through right to the end, but I have a huge problem. I’ve never been able to really finish anything in my life, ever.
It would be nice to be able to find that focus and get something done – even if it’s just for my own personal enjoyment.

When I have found the artwork unable to flow I’ve always turned my imagination to other sources; like writing, so that I am always doing something creative. I think that is whats happening at the moment, the pencils aren’t entirely flowing for me so the words are instead.