Hi gang

It’s been a while again, and the usual apologies are going out to those who enjoy my updates.

What’s have I got to say for myself thus far…?

In exciting news, something called “Rambo the Video Game” has been brought to my attention, it seems to be a little bit on the dubious side and I am really trying not to get too overly excited about it. Mostly because I already know that it is going to be average at best.
The plot line follows the movies – this in itself is a bit of a down side for me; where are the new stories? Ultimately where is the imagination?
Graphically, it looks okay I suppose. Not sure what I am expecting here, but in the latest video Rambos face looks rather laugh worthy.
And finally first person shooter – nothing against them but they just aren’t my favourite things in the world.
So I am trying to reserve judgement on the game and already failing.

What else?

I finally managed to make it through the second (first) Star Wars trilogy and am enjoying playing The Old Republic again; it’s been great to see a bit more of the Imperial Agent storyline again.

And in BIG news, I was alerted to this little gem: Eternal Crusade
Very early days for this one, but Fangirl does like her Space Marines, so it’ll be well worth keeping an eye on; seeing as there is currently very little information available.