Your not the person I remember.

I met up with someone today, someone I used to speak with a fair bit online.
I felt a strange stab of excitement as I whispered/PMed them. They still displayed a piece of artwork that I did for them in 2004.

We got talking again, and it just felt weird. Standoffish, aggressive.

Have you ever had that?
Where someone has changed on you so completely that you don’t really recognize them anymore?
I guess nearly 10 years is too much to ask for someone to not have changed; or maybe my memories of them are warped.

In other news, I was blocked by someone on Facebook for not agreeing with their opinions on an upcoming movie. Or they deleted their facebook – I don’t know.
I’ve never experienced this before; someone trying their hardest to change your opinion on something and when you don’t agree; Bam, you’re history.

The film was Robocop 2014; and I am excited about it. I shall post more on this in another entry soon.

Art has been stale lately.
Trying to find myself artistically again.
I love my big-headed art style a lot; but trying to find a home for it and where it all fits in, I don’t know.

Art block sucks, and no matter how I try and overcome it things just keep cropping up to continue the block.
People asking for free art or the general pressuring to draw/create something.
It’ll come back, it always does.
But right now, in this moment. It’s just not here.

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