A New Hope

The film this week, I settled down to watch rather begrudgingly. 
As the title suggests it was Star Wars: A New Hope. 

It’s fairly obvious that I like Star Wars, as it’s been shown in previous posts, but it seems that whenever Star Wars is brought up you just cannot avoid the divide between the newer Star Wars films and the older ones. I don’t exactly sit on the fence with this issue either – I’m all for the new stuff. It’s not that I hate the older films, they are still good.

While I understand completely the limitations of technology, it’s not the space flights and fights nor the ‘computer generated’ effects that cause me to prefer the newer films. It’s the one thing that really wasn’t held back my technology, because the means to create such a thing has been around for centuries.

The fight scenes.

There is this one part of the film – the tension is built and the lead up is fantastic. Shooting troopers with blasters, the excitement of seeing the main cast getting crushed, the build up as Vader and Obi-Wan meet, you expect something special… more than special. And then… you get this slow paced really, let down battle between the two.
I’m not expecting the world here, but the filming just seems to go right out the window, giving close-up shots with little to no spark. Compared to the rest of the film, it’s just a little bit dull. Which is a shame.

I don’t think I want to get into this argument! Maybe I do sit on the fence a bit more than I thought, maybe that’s all I really need to do.
Maybe, there doesn’t need to be a divide between old and new? We should all just hold hands in a big circle and share how much we like Star Wars as a collective, rather than bitch and moan about how one set of trilogies doesn’t set our souls on fire as much as the other.

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