So I’ve had a bit of a half formed thought today while at work that it would actually be really neat to create my own RPG world setting.
I’ve never thought about doing this before – not on any real serious level anyway – but I am thinking I have the bare bones of a created world already that I can use as a setting.

I’ve always wanted to do something with the creations and setting, I always thought that this would form in the ways of a story or something fictional, but maybe it’s a good exploration of character creation if I can create a place and give it to others to create characters in instead?

It’s only the basics of an idea forming at the moment, but it is something worth looking into and pursuing as another means to my goals/aims?

I don’t know if it should be illustrated entirely by myself at this stage, maybe that’s jumping ahead a little too far.
I might do some background research this evening, when the usual lives chores are out of the way.