Too may ideas.

Ever come to that crossroads in your life where you’ve got to many ideas running through your mind?
And you just don’t know which one to work on first?

You see, I really like the idea of creating some sort of Urban Fantasy setting.
I’m just not 100% certain what sort of market and thing there is for this setting there already is out there.
Thinking of limiting the races of it to what you’d expect of Fantasy stuff, different elves, humans, dwarves, orcs and the likes. Totally integrated with one another (Much like the various races of human there are in the modern world)

It’s just the initial swelling of an idea, but I’ve been thinking about it on and off ever since I first drew Griurk (Which I didn’t actually post on here, what the hell!? Does this blog even know of my obsession with Orcs!? Sad face! I need to write another blog post about that it seems… been so lax. :<)

And with the playing of Saints Row the Third today, the idea’s just been forming all the more.
As with all concepts I think of, I don’t know how far things will get, because no doubt I’ll just flip and something else will come up instead. Le sigh.

I think I just need to have a bit of a sit down with myself and think things through, see which ideas appeal to me the most.
I just think that it is high time I worked on something original for myself, rather than keep dipping in and out of various fandoms, of course there are some stories I’d like to continue with; but the need to become my own personality/creative is really strong at the moment.

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