The 7th of Feb, 2013.

I was at University yesterday, and while my fellow peers may or may not agree, it was an eye-opening day for me. I was introduced to the artwork of Russell Mills, a man who it is said to have changed the face of illustration work. I can certainly see why in his CD covers. The fact that he is still classed as an illustrator (Among other things) yet does so in a non-representational way os absolutely fascinating.
I feel like I’ve just been shown something that has the potential to change the way I approach my own work.

While all this is useful, there was one quotation that was said, that just spoke to me on an entirely different level.

“Those who don’t know what they’re doing, do what they know.”

Lately I’ve felt that I’ve been trying to be to controlled and only doing what I’ve done for the past however many years of drawing; while I’ve tried different media, I’ve not approached using it in any other way that the ways I already know.

This lecture and the quotation have had me questioning what I’d really like out of my course, and what I’d like to do beyond it. Do I really want to go into character design at all? Or is that just something I think is related to the way I have been producing artwork until now? Am I interested in children, and even video games? Or is that just something that I shared an interested with, with once mutual friends and I am now clinging to in order to feel that this artwork still has meaning? I don’t feel that it’s right for me anymore.

So, what do I want to do? I’d still like to do client based artwork; nothing beats the thrill of meeting a deadline and having a happy client at the end of it. I also like the idea of creating work and putting on exhibitions with it; again that idea of making people happy, or provoking a reaction to my work from other people.

I think it’s going to be a bit of a transitional change for me when it comes to my artwork; but what I’ve been introduced to has literally just blown my mind!