Seems like I moan about this a lot

So I should really do something to change it, I guess

I know someone, a friend via the internet I suppose, that although I adore them and treat them as best as I can. It’s just not returned.
(This was part of a draft that I was writing, but rather than post it I spoke to another friend about my worries and concerns, all seems unimportant now.)

Actually, I originally wasn’t going to post this post, but now it’s a case of fuck it!
As always happens.

I guess her side of the story will be told and spread about the place, and that I’m the heartless, cruel one, but whatever happens, happens. I’m not going to speak anymore on the issue, beyond this post. I was fed up of being a number anyway.
The freedom is a welcome relief.
I can’t stress that enough.

You can only give so much before you just cut out and have to speak. So I spoken openly to a friend about what I had on my chest. Someone just played drama llama and ran telling tales. I don’t mind, I appreciate it in a way because it gave me the freedom from the doomed friendship.

I guess it really was all over for me when they bitched about having to so something with their Grandmother; and the fact their grandmother is a bitch to her. Which is really insensitive if you know the current goings on with my own Nan. Its hard to keep up that friendly and impartial attitude when you’re faced with something like that. It’s hard to keep your tongue bitten and try and move on from it. I guess thats what made me resentful enough to speak about it in the first place. Not that this would have been understood if I’d spoken to the friend in the first place.

She’s sadly the type to make things up and seems to have so much drama in her life that you just don’t know whats the truth or whats been an exaggerated story. From the constant fall out with various boyfriends, to the deaths of others – to the extremes of her having to kill someone in self defence. To more trivial stuff like claiming art theft and the removal of artwork after being accused of tracing artwork; only to remove said artwork from galleries after the claiming this is not the case.

I’ve spoken to real life people about this friendship and have had to think about is carefully; especially when asked by my partner; “Why are you friends with her again?”

I guess it’s a stress I can do without, and I am actually glad it’s over.
And that my thoughts are out in the open, even if it’s just on my blog.