Fantasy Battle

I had my… secondish,  ever game of Fantasy Battle last night.
I say isn’t, because I don’t actually know how many I’ve really played, they have been so few and far between.

It is an odd game, a lot longer and certainly more winded than my usual haunt of 40K.

I play Lizardmen, and while I enjoy my army; I am finding it difficult to connect with. As such I only have a few Skins painted, and they are painted pretty poorly due to the age of them… and none of them are based. This is mostly due to not know how to create a jungle scene for them; but there is now a new basing kit out (Or soon to be) which I will have a look at getting if I can get into the game and my army a bit more.

In other news, I was brought a nice shiny new gift for my Guardsmen yesterday; in the form of a Vendetta. It works perfectly well for my Guardsman theme (Aliens) as it looks a fair bit like the Drop Ship.

As always I shall try and provide a picture or two once it has been stuck together and got some paint on it.

Other than that it has been business as usual.

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