Must remember…

I must remember to blog more. I really must!

Was at the gaming club last night again, as is uaual now for fridays and this time had a thoroughly enjoyable game.

The Blood Guard allied with their Battle Sisters against a vicious band of Orks and some clearly heretic Marines.
What was nice about this particular battle was the fact that the players we were against we’re really nice, knew what they were doing and willing to help out other players who are a bit new (namely myself and the other Space Marine player) Always nice to find people like that!

For myself the star moment of the game was with the Ironclad dropping out of the sky in it’s personal Drop Pod – not a starfish – getting charged by some Terminators, opening one of them up like a tin of beans. Going rawr and scaring the rest of the unit off the battlefield.

It was interesting to see how Orks play in 6th Edition, as most of my games have been againsts Imperial Forces; and Tyranids… but we don’t talk about Tyranid battles.

Another battle is planned for today against some Guardsmen. I think. Depends what is brought with the player. Will be fun either way

In other news I have been asking people; mostly on DeviantArt, who I should doodle some random fanart of. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

So far I have doodled Boba Fett and have the Arishok and the cast from Big Bang Theory on the “to-Do” list.

Bare in mind that these will come after all Commission work I have to do, if you do suggest anything.