This might be a crazy undertaking, but I am going to try and finish the fanfiction stories that I have started writing before looking at doing another!
I have a lot to finish, but I just feel really bad leaving some of the characters hanging. Especially Hudson who has been waiting for so long now. The story was just about to get going as well, he’s been running away from the newly released Xenomorphs for…. how long now? A couple of years maybe?

On another note which is only half related to the post above…
I started a new Army over the weekend.
Shock! Horror! Have you betrayed the Emperor of Mankind Jenn?
No such Heresy here!

It is an Imperial Guard army.
My thinking behind this is, thanks to the 6th Edition rulebook you can officially have allies. It is a great way for new players to have games with more experienced players and learn the rules. I’ve been doing it a fair bit with Commander Eloth who has been joining the Blood Guard (Vanilla Space Marines); mostly with an alliance of Space Wolves, withthe Blood Guard having the higher points count.
So I thought I would be nice and have the option for us to turn the tables so that Eloth can bring his Space Marines and be joined with my currently nameless band of Imperial Guardsmen.

The theme of this new allied army is going to be based on Aliens (The movie, not the Xenos scum) As a fair while ago I brought some bits and things to make just a squad of them, for the shits and giggles of it! Now, they can be put to good use, and actually be a part of something.
We even have an old Rhino going spare that they are going to use as an APC!

HQ choice will be a sanctioned Psyker, who will be Ripley or maybe Bishop when I can find an appropriate model for her, or him.

As an Elite Choice, a Psyker Battle quad with n overseer (Probably Rambo stolen from my Necromunda gang) and three (Or more) Alien Mutants as the actual Psykers.

It’s only the start of a plan at the moment, and may take a while (And a few viewings of Aliens… what a shame) tocomplete, but Iproise pictures once it has formed as I’ve not shared anything even remotely Wargame related on here in ages.

Also wargaming related.
I had the worst game of 40k in recent history last week. Not because I got my ass kicked (I didn’t, Eloth and I won victory 9 – 2) but because I have never come across as player such as that!

For the Emperor!!

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